I dunno about that. It's hard to get much more immediate than "Let It Happen." Like the song well enough though. Does feel like a melding of Currents style with the older production quality.
I know the '09 comments were always about doing the "MPP>VK>BO" dance back then, but this probably ended up the album I listened to most from that year, no disrespect to the other albums mentioned.
This is probably one of my favorite anniversary pieces and is about one of my favorite albums. This album is basically high school to me. Thanks for the great writing, [REDACTED].
Man, what a great write-up an album. This one basically opened up a whole genre for me when I was a young dumbass first opening up my musical tastes beyond whatever my parents put on. I think a friend's older brother had the album. Though it wasn't mentioned in the piece, "100% Dundee" is like a top 5 song for me. The mix of Malik B and Black Thought on it is something I'd come to miss in future albums.
At this point, I can only assume it’s not coming out with the tour as much like their Twin Peaks appearance, they want to try and find every opportunity where it makes sense to release an album and then not do that.
I went back in time to find my first comment under this account and it was, predictably, on a comment about the Where the Wild Things Are trailer in 2009 so at least I'm consistent. I am also coming up on the 10 year anniversary of this account. God, someone please kill me.
Google says you're right! Also enjoy the commentary: Props to those who gave Monk & Coltrane’s Carnegie reissue a shoutout. And to everyone who couldn’t get enough Kidz Bop. To the guy who said Walk The Line’s Soundtrack was 2005’s best: go buy a Johnny Cash album … one without Jaoquin Phoenix. To the gal who voted for Simply Red’s remix CD: I think you’re reading the wrong blog. One poll taker wrote in, “No good music has been released since 1998.” Thank god he didn’t win. Kanye may claim Stereogum Readers Hate Black People, but Jed, Jim, and I think your responses were top-notch, even if you are racist. Thanks for voting, thanks for reading, have a great holiday.
Question for y'all: how long have you been reading Stereogum? For whatever reason, the Dark Was the Night piece REALLY made me realize how long I've been on this website. I remember feeling like I had been reading this site for ages at that point already and listened to the new tracks whenever they'd pop up on here. (I think there might've even still been anonymous comments then? I can't remember when the redesigned that canned those finally happened.) Anyways, I'm too old, Stereogum has been a part of my life for well over a decade at this point, which is insane to me, and I'm curious how long or how recently you've all come to the site and how you ended up here? I genuinely can't remember how I first came across Stereogum. But it was definitely before seeing Arcade Fire listed on the best of 2005 album list before it was rightfully removed, which is the first thing I distinctly can recall about Stereogum: getting confused over a ranking of an album due to release dates. Healthy thing I've got going here.
As someone who was in college at the time and way too much of a Sufjan fan, I loved it, and still wish he did more with that sound. I don't think it's quite The Age of Adz or Enjoy Your Rabbit but rather a really interesting bridge between them. That piano bridge is burned into my brain.
Everything from the live album of their "final" show has become the definitive version of that song for me.
I think of "a house cat addicted to the cocaine" far too often.
That's one of the most important things about the Lonely Island (and similarly, the world's best biopic Walk Hard). The music may be a joke but the craft is absolutely fucking serious. And you've got to respect motherfucking craft when you hear it.
I laughed just reading that line. It's so good.
The whole tangent about the courtroom artist nearly killed me.
I love Popstar a lot but Hot Rod slightly edges it out, perhaps just because I've watched it more. I still remember seeing it in theaters with some friends and thinking it was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. They all hated it.
No idea if she really is trying or not, but this discourse is definitely bouncing around online from what I've seen. So i don't think it's just you making stuff up.
This is beautiful. Damn.
"Walking on a Dream" always felt like someone trying to take the poppy MGMT sound and run with it and going absolutely nowhere else. Is the album cover artwork the most bootleg ass DVD cover of all time? Lots to think about.
lol "doesn't take much deduction." I guess y'all didn't confirm this huh?
Damn. Surprised at how eh I feel about HH. There’s a lot there I like, but that’s also the problem. There’s a lot! Feels so disparate and individual, all tracked separately with certainly a lot of time and money behind it, but it never really cohered together for me. Hopefully I come around it, but it’s the first time they haven’t fully won me over out of the gate. Maybe this is something that will work better for me live because so like a lot about the sound but the production feels off somehow.
I remember reading that Affleck's lack of nomination for Argo actually helped its BP push as actor's took it as a sort of slight. Who knows if that's true. Though Argo had the whole "Hollywood saves the day" shit which they always eat up.
She's testing you like she tested you with "Go" or whatever it was.
Wonder if that loli stuff she's been tweeting out (and deleting) will make its way into the album art process.
Best case is Katy was, like, 24 when they first got together since Wayne and Michelle separated in 2012. Then there's this tidbit from Wikipedia: "In 2012 Coyne separated from his common law wife, J. Michelle Martin-Coyne. In September 2013, Martin-Coyne filed for divorce on the grounds of "irreconcilable incompatibility." The two had no children together and disagree on how long they lived together (Martin-Coyne saying since 1989, Coyne saying since 2004.)"
There was a post on there about Purity Ring (ostensibly) that delved into this in a way that was really shocking and surprising to me and has stuck with me years later.
All this talk about the great 09 leaks and little talk of Web Sheriff. Anyone remember when he (they?) used to haunt these 1s and 0s? Incredible times.
Use Challonge (mentioned below) to organize and create the bracket. It's super useful for that. Then you can use something like Google Docs, Twitter, or a third party site like Survey Monkey for the votes. I did this for a half-joking "best TV Show of All Time" bracket on twitter:
Don't have much to add here (song's a 10 imo) other than a reminder that Sly and The Family Stone's use in the Inherent Vice trailer is fantastic.
There's been questionably aged girls on his feed for years. It's been wild watching it go from "Girl Time is an incredible celebration of self love!!!" to "we're just not going to talk about it" to, finally, "omg he's canceled!" Weird feed. Can't handle it.
Gotta get prepped for the 2020 presidential run. 2019 will be a cleansing year so we can take on all the shit then.
I gotta start going to these holiday parties.
Lots of talk about MOR stuff in here and the comments yet I don't see Radiohead nominated at all. Can someone clarify? Thanks.
I love School of the Seven Bells, too, but I think something about this album will always hold a special spot for me. I haven't listened to it in ages, so appreciate the excuse to dive back into it now.
Felt pretty shit this week. But my partner and I adopted a dog three weeks ago on Saturday. He's been a LOT of work for sure, but I now find myself looking at him and thinking, "I would die for this dog."
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