I won't go into the "I don't get it" routine we run through every time LDR drops something new but... this stuff sounds as if the only record in her collection is Pure Comedy and despite listening to it 24 hours a day, she still doesn't get it.
Yeah, I'm here for this but might not listen until like November at least.
You’re a Grammy winner in my book, bloc
I was recently at a wedding where Rosalita was the last song of the night. Good choice IMO
Yes! Although it isn’t a great wedding song either. But it’s a banger so fuck it!
Hm maybe Younger Us would be better? No no that’s no good either. Damnit. Springsteen and “Come On Eileen” it is I guess.
Also shoutout and welcome Rachel Brodsky
I’m also in the midst of finalizing my own wedding playlist and well, would it be too much to request that my band play “The House That Heaven Built”?
Ha! I was just bitching...I mean uh...talking about this in the Tame Impala announcement yesterday. It's interesting to read the artists perspective on remix albums here, about how they're a collaborative celebration rather than an individual effort. I'm also very glad it has helped artists through the pandemic and helped make them some extra cash. It's just... unless the remix is MILES better than the original, I tend to give these things one listen and move on, which makes me wonder if it's even worth the artists' time. I'd rather just hear new music, some b-sides, or at the very least, some live albums a la LIVE DRUGS.
Man, I got really grumpy over a simple deluxe edition announcement. Sorry everyone! Me needs more coffee.
(Sigh) I hate to be that guy, but I would be interested in hearing someone who can ACTUALLY rap do something over this beat. I also understand that Lil Yachty simply isn't for me or someone my age. On another note, is it just me or are we seeing more of these "deluxe editions" being released? Bartees just released one last week, and while "Weights" is a straight up banger, I'm not sure it warrants buying the whole album all over again for the sake of it being "deluxe." On a similar note, I really like The Slow Rush, but why would I re-buy the whole thing for a couple of b-sides and remixes?
From the sound of it, I guess we won't be getting another addition to the "Heavy Music to Shoegaze" pipeline?
Just put Kacey Musgraves on the cover of Nevermind then.
Smh. Kids these days. Whatever happened to REAL band names like Butthole Surfers and Pearl Jam?
You call @WillieMcNabb
Take it from someone who is planning a wedding on the same day, 11/12 will be here REALLY soon!
It's weird they always ask Dave Grohl about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. I know he LOOKS like Nirvana's drummer, but there's no way this Bee Gees-covering guy would ever have been in that band.
Just listen to "Breed." That's all you need from Nevermind.
Good stuff! I didn't realize RHCP released BSSM on this date too. That album almost seems like an outlier with what was happening (or beginning to happen) at the time. I'm not really much of an RHCP guy anymore (I grew out of that in high school), but that album still owns.
Yep, exactly this. One of the best in 2020. It’s short but it packs a punch! I listened to it the other day actually. So damn good.
Bleh, a Rolling Stones show for Robert Kraft? I’m surprised it didn’t have a “Happy” ending.
Bleh, a Rolling Stones show for Robert Kraft? I’m surprised it didn’t have a “Happy” ending.
Oh baby, yes! Life’s too hard to howse this one. Let it play!
Damn this is good. Really good.
Now this is more like it
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