If you want more Ryley, subscribe to his Patreon. Tons of covers, live shows, and random demos uploaded there on the reg.
If you skipped on his 2010 album Heartland, make sure to give that a listen.
pre-ordered this album on bandcamp. very excited to hear it rips, "cars in space" has been in rotation since it dropped
I agree with this sentiment. I Am Easy to Find is definitely overstuffed, but I think it works in the album's favor. I find myself listening to the whole thing front-to-back a lot more than Sleep Well Beast, even if the highs of Sleep Well Beast are greater than the highs of I Am Easy to Find.
4 between Sad Songs*
Alligator Boxer Trouble Will Find Me Sad Songs High Violet I Am Easy to Find Sleep Well Beast Self-Titled The 4 between Trouble Will Find Me and self-titled are always changing place though.
Great write-up, Ryan. Gonna drop this High Violet b-side here, I really wish this made the final tracklist:
“ Lucy Dacus, the rumors are true!” I love you Stereogum.
Really hoping the tour doesn't get canned, but I think it's gonna get canned.
is this a Stereogum/Who Weekly crossover episode?
I very much appreciate there is someone on The National's crew with the title "Matt Wrangler."
Please don’t let his tour get cancelled.
These guys ripped opening for Destroyer last night. Picked up the new album at the merch table but haven’t gotten to listen in full yet.
There are some good songs on both, but the clunkers really clunk! "Let the Records Play" and "Johnny Guitar" are two of the worst PJ songs, full stop. Most 21st PJ albums are uneven, but the highs on Binuaral->Avocado top Backspacer/LB, and the lows are not as low.
My main takeaway from this is "more interesting a listen than Backspacer and Lightning Bolt," and I'll gladly take that at this point in their career. Now crossing my fingers the tour doesn't get postponed.
stay inside till somebody finds us
Above? It’s kinda dumb and fun like some disc 1 Lost Dogs tracks.
(he opened for caracara, by the way)
Very awesome that this is happening and Brassland’s putting it out. Yr boy mikeyetc knew Bartees Strange’s National covers were the good stuff.
Wintres Woma was a good album for sure.
It is a fever dream! It’s such a bizarre fucking thing and they’ll show a picture of a surfboard and Jenny McCarthy will be like “OH MAYBE ITS A SURFER?!” It is so bizarre, my gf and I watch it weekly.
Verizon donating to PJ’s foundation, for what it’s worth.
Every music writer who used the phrase “angular guitars” oughta pour one out in Andy’s honor today.
Definitely better than Cant Deny Me. As someone who didn’t get much replay value outta Backspacer and Lightning Bolt, I’m happy to hear them pushing in a different direction with this.
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
It’s still us against them, and we’re (?!?!?!?!) winning!
“Is Love Forever?” rips. The tour they did for this album when Deerhunter opened ripped. The performance they did on goddamn Jimmy Fallon of “Nobody Gets Me But You” with Questlove ripped. I was still in the ‘Spoon could do no wrong’ camp after this album came out.
Online rumors point to a new album and spring US tour announcement on Monday. Hoping so!
Listening party for the Kankyō Ongaku box set?
Their show Sunday at 9:30 Club ripped.
Surprised to see Sleep Well Beast as The National representative here. I feel like Trouble Will Find Me is the choice.
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