album: turnstiiiiiile song: have you been seeing your therapist? you seem a little on edge, are you always this nervous? i said yessss.... and this is a hard drive.
my personal favorite is either "Blackout" or "Fly Again" (that opening riff makes me want to throw an air conditioner through a plate glass window) but "Holiday" is an all-time legend just for its ability to set the crowd off: (starts at 41:32)
i definitely prefer PQ in their manic Sunbathing Animal/Wide Awake mode, but the more i listen to Sympathy for Life the more i dig it
01 turnstile- glow on (AOTY by a mile, i listened to this 10x more than anything else on this list. the sound of punk to come.) (everything else is not really in any order) 02 cassandra jenkins- an overview on phenomenal nature 03 enforced- kill grid (metal album of the year, but big shout out to mare cognitum as well) 04 godspeed you black emperor- god's pee at state's end 05 pupil slicer- mirrors 06 parannoul- to see the next part of the dream 07 me rex- megabear (underrated sleeper pick of the year!) 08 laura stevenson- laura stevenson 09 the world is a beautiful place and the case of the missing fear of death- illusory walls 10 tyler the creator- call me if you get lost biggest disappointment: the antlers - green to gold. familiars is possibly my favorite album of the previous decade so i was super excited for this comeback, but what a snooze. i appreciate that peter silberman seems to be in a better place in his life nowadays, but bucolic songs about taking a pleasant stroll around a suburban town is not what i listen to the antlers for. i'll echo some of the other folks who thought this was an underwhelming year. i found myself going back to a lot of older music this year. but at least we had turnstile.
"Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace" is actually an anguished howl from the depths of consumer derealization, when Quavo gazed into the abyss and only the drip gazed back
i didn't know anything about this, this was a great read and a great song!
only for iphones? :(
if you're into lunkheaded black thrash a la Hellripper or Midnight, i've been into the album Knife, by the band Knife. as direct and to the point as it gets. on the gloomy Swedish melodeath side of things, i've been enjoying the new In Mourning. excited to dig into Kaatayra and Vukari!
if you have a thing for redhead vocal coaches, check out Elizabeth Zharoff (AKA the Charismatic Voice) too. she has a Jinjer reaction video as well but i got into her through her reaction to Painkiller.
i absolutely love the Impossible Kid, Malibu Ken, and Spirit World Field Guide, so yeah. he still uses a lot of big words but he isn't tripping over them as much anymore.
the metronome is so fucking good
no way will this be as weird and deliriously stupid as Verotika
it has been a decent year for metal overall (better year for hardcore imo) but i haven't heard a lot of amazing debuts to be honest. Demiser, Miasmata, and Yoth Iria were probably my favorites (though the dudes in YT are metal vets, it is a new band). if Pupil Slicer counts, that takes the cake, though i think it's more on the 'core side of grindcore.
i missed SUD and Month in Metal on Friday due to other stuff i had going on, so i'll just put this here: my buddy worked on the animation for this video! it's an official mashup of the Ozzy and Motorhead versions of Hellraiser, released for the 30th anniversary of No More Tears. the song itself is better than either of the standalone versions, they should have released it as a duet in the first place. and the video is metal as fuck with lots of fun easter eggs. Lemmy would be proud!
i think it varies from attempt to attempt. sometimes you get some really nice segues and lock into a nice run, sometimes you get "i want a river to run through me" a few too many times in a row. as for pauses, if you're listening on Spotify the band recommended setting crossfade to 0 instead of "off", apparently that makes a difference? really cool project overall, i think they pulled it off about as well as anyone could have.
still laughing at the other site giving The World Is a Beautiful Place a middling review because it rocks too hard. too many riffs!
late to the party (but not, you know, THE party) but thank you!!!!!!!!
Mary is still my all-time favorite Big Thief song as well, but i'd say Cattails, Terminal Paradise, Shoulders, Not, Two Hands, and Little Things are all up there in the top tier. i think they've been remarkably consistent from album to album.
hoping there's a studio version of "Dragon" on this, that live cut from p4k fest was gnarly
i'm getting married next friday!! i proposed 2 goddamn years ago but, well, you know. but here we finally fuckin gooooo! trying not to overthink the playlist and just let the dj do their job but if anyone has any last-minute wedding must-plays, i'd love to hear 'em. we're having a harpist at the ceremony and everything - i wonder if she'd be offended if i just sent her a bunch of mary lattimore and said "do it like this".
i dunno, i find bo burnham very hit or miss, but "a gift shop at the gun range, a mass shooting at the mall" is the most succinct encapsulation of american culture i've heard in a long time.
yeah it only "spoils" it if you genuinely believed that Inside was autobiographical. the whole thing is about being trapped inside alone, but in real life Bo Burnham is married and his wife is not mentioned in the special at all. because it's not about his actual life. it's a performance. he's playing a character. which is fine.
that Dayglo Abortions story is amazing. i got Here Today Guano Tomorrow in one of those "we'll send you 5 random records for 25 bucks" deals, had no idea there was so much history behind this dumb-ass sloppy dirtbag thrash album (said as a compliment). had my bachelor party last weekend and made all of my friends listen to metal the whole time, plus my artist buddy made fucking killer t-shirts depicting a black mass knife fight with my name in drippy black metal font. and we explored some creepy abandoned ruins at a place called devil's hole. pretty sure i was running around the woods screaming "IT'S THE NIGHT OF THE VAMPIIIIIIRE" at one point. a great start to black metal season!
that shit-eating grin at 2:25
big Bob Mould vibes on this one, i love it
yeah but have you ever listened to it on weeeeeed?
yeah ACxDC are the real deal despite the jokiness (unlike, say, Neckbeard Deathcamp, which is just a joke). Satan is King was a killer album.
i'm hearing Boys of Summer meets Missing You by John Waite, but i'm not mad about it? also how the fuck does anyone dance to Desolation Row? it's probably my favorite Dylan song but it's literally 11 straight minutes of monotone
the phoebe backlash cycle is exhausting. i wanna hear more about Hop Along - did they play anything new?
i mean, it's possible to be against capitalism without advocating for Soviet-style Party communism. why are people still arguing with USSR strawmen? that's not really what socialists are talking about nowadays. i don't think contemporary socialists are under any illusions that bigotry is a uniquely capitalist problem. it's just that capitalism exacerbates bigotry in uniquely capitalist ways (and tries to solve for those problems in weirdly capitalist ways too, such as corporate wokeness campaigns)
Chop Suey is one of those songs where, i literally remember the exact traffic light my mom was stopped at, when it came on the radio and i heard it for the first time. i was still really into Marilyn Manson at the time, and skeptical of most other nu metal, but i had never heard anything like that and was hooked instantly. they had a lot of great one-off and random soundtrack songs around this time as well, like "Marmalade" and their cover of "The Metro"
megalate to this party, but decided to throw this out there anyway. not claiming these are the "best" of anything, just records that meant a lot to me at one point or another: 1. marilyn manson- mechanical animals (i can't defend MM on any level, but this was the first metal album i ever got into as an edgelord teen) 2. system of a down- toxicity 3. rammstein- mutter 4. isis- panopticon 5. mastodon- blood mountain 6. baroness- red album 7. disfear- live the storm 10. kylesa- spiral shadow 11. agrimonia- rites of separation 12. slugdge- esoteric malacology 13. artificial brain- infrared horizon 14. sunlight's bane- the blackest volume 15. sigh- heir to despair 16. venom prison- samsara 17. coldworld- melancholie^2 18. ulcerate- stare into death and be still 19. trap them- darker handcraft 20. esoctrilihum- inhuma 21. boris- pink 22. woe- withdrawal 23. igorrr- savage sinusoid 24. ghost brigade- until fear no longer defines us 25. kvelertak- meir
i do love Endless for successfully pulling off a "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" chorus
so what's everyone's favorite non-advance-release Glow On track? for me it's gotta be New Heart Design - those guitars are pure ear candy. the rare & elusive hardcore headphones album.
they really did the damn thing, i think this is my favorite pop-punk album since PUP's debut
fucked up just released a 90 minute rock opera about a magic horse, if that foreshadows anything for turnstile then i am all in
it's the chorus effect from "iris" by goo goo dolls on the guitar for me, plus reading along with the lyrics always helps for big thief
just once i'd like to see a shoegaze band morph into a hardcore band instead of the other way around. slowdive powerviolence album when?
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