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Sam was consistent in his style up until Kiss Each Other Clean (KEOC). It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. I even heard him perform some songs from KEOC live and wasnt all too blown away (unlike previous albums). That was a new approach and I see it more as expanding his artistic abilities. This new album definitely sounds better and more cohesive overall so yeah -- I approve doods.
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April 15, 2013 on Iron And Wine – “Joy” Video
Did R. Kelly finish it off by peeing onto the crowds?
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April 15, 2013 on Watch Phoenix And R. Kelly Perform Together At Coachella
Lets hope its as good as "Human After All"
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March 4, 2013 on Hear 15 Seconds Of New Daft Punk
Plague was great and so is this. They are really coming along in terms from where they started musically. Much more melodic and thought out compositions. Still wish for a little more of that crazy Alice scream though. Its good to see Crystal Castles is still alive though. One of the only worthwhile bands that came out alive from the golden age of indie music (2000-2010). Oh yeah...I went there.
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September 27, 2012 on Crystal Castles – “Wrath Of God”
Be the Void is such a good album. Sadly it doesn't get as much press as some of the shittier stuff out there.
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May 1, 2012 on Dr. Dog – “Lonesome” Video
What happened to stereogum!? This was once a vast plain of trolls and commentators but no more, it is filled with civil (however still stupid) discourse. I will have none of that! And I refuse this new change but if anything I guess this lets me cut through the bands that suck so I guess this is good.
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January 9, 2012 on Stereogum Buzz Chart: Week Of 1/1/12
Mmm they have changed so dramatically since the days of The Big Come Up. It sounds like a mix of Rubber Factory + Attack and Release styles. Like a combination of blues and rock with a pinch of soul. Either way I guess its pretty good, as others have been saying -- Little Black definitely the most impressive track thus far.
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November 30, 2011 on The Black Keys – “Gold On The Ceiling,” “Little Black Submarines” & “Sister”
Man I hope +/- {Plus Minus} pull through.
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September 22, 2011 on Absolutely Kosher Shuts Down Operations
Does sound pretty similar but I think the real question is why should we care about a commercial?
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September 13, 2011 on Does This Dell Commercial Rip Off Broken Bells?
I haven't heard of any bands so they must be cool.
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September 13, 2011 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands of 2011
I would be a shoe-in for worst commenter of all time if all my negative votes were tallied. Now make me an internet superstar and mention me Stereogum staff!
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August 29, 2011 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
The image is very unflattering of Miley Cyrus as is her music.
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July 6, 2011 on Miley Cyrus Covers Gorillaz
Its not so much as a surprise why these albums are so familiar due to the nature of most of them being so monumental in music history.
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June 13, 2011 on Wayne Coyne’s 13 Favorite Albums
Pretty good line-up of artists they have.
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May 4, 2011 on Black Keys Cover Buddy Holly
Questlove by far had the funniest post. As above though, its always appropriate to celebrate when someone who breeds hate and violence is put to rest. Not to say I am celebrating his death per say, rather the fact that an evil force will no longer produce a negative impact upon this world...and that's good right? But who is to able to define what is good and evil in this world. That would probably fall within the conundrums of your own philosophies....anyways time to steal from the homeless and punch some endangered baby seals. Later all!
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May 2, 2011 on Indie Rockers Respond To Death Of #Osama
Very sad indeed.
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April 20, 2011 on R.I.P Gerard Smith
Really liking this treasure trove of old beats. I personally enjoy it more than any of Kanye's new material.
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April 14, 2011 on Kanye’s Earliest Beats
He was the guy in Radiohead right?
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April 5, 2011 on R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
I laugh at all the people who took this statement literally. Granted sarcasm cannot be understood from my previous message, I still find it personally entertaining to see others referencing it. In all seriousness *since this is Stereogum* Radiohead reached their peak at OK Computer, albeit it was a very high peak. They have been able to drop pretty good albums since then and this one is no different. Good Day.
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March 30, 2011 on The Trouble With The King Of Limbs
Well I for one believe this is better than "Kid A"
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March 29, 2011 on The Trouble With The King Of Limbs
Leave that kind of reporting to MTV with the rest of the music filth out there.
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March 22, 2011 on Reading & Leeds Lineup 2011
It wasnt that was terrible! Great Bhudda!
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March 16, 2011 on The Strokes Angles Premature Evaluation
Dear Stereogum, I hope you aren't messing with my heart like the last time we heard of a supposed new track. *Cough* “Beginning Of The End” *Cough*
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March 16, 2011 on Justice – “Civilization”
Somehow pictured this to be more grand but honestly NIN returning does not excite me in the least bit anymore.
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March 7, 2011 on Trent Reznor On Nine Inch Nails’ Return
I've learned not to keep my expectations high with this band since FIoE and I'm glad otherwise this would have been very painful...
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March 1, 2011 on The Strokes – “You’re So Right”
Loving the sound of "Taken For A Fool" and not diggin the sound of "Metabolism" That is all.
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March 1, 2011 on Strokes Angles Snippets
The only successful solo project was "Little Joy" the rest were mediocre. And why is everyone getting all wet for a 30 second clip?
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February 7, 2011 on The Strokes “Under Cover Of Darkness” Preview