Excited for this, extremely curious about fka twigs. Magdalene was my #1 album the year it came out, but I kinda like the lower stakes idea of a mixtape for her. Most everything she’s done so far has been a capital “s” STATEMENT.
Saw the tease last week and was hoping there’d be a collaborative song or two. This is cool though.
I’m “smiling” while I listen to this :)))))
Only 19?! Guess they gotta save some for Vol 2
We’re definitely getting a new album from him this year. And a new Game of Thrones book. And wow, it looks like my dad is gonna come back after leaving for cigarettes 25 years ago. Yippee!
Ought into Rascal Flatts gets an “lol” from me
Shoutout to everyone who downloaded this as “Weezer - Popular.mp3” on Limewire in 9th grade
A VH1 classic
For those keeping track, this is at least the second time Earl Sweatshirt has referred to himself as left handed
"Here's Where the Strings Come In" has my favorite song of theirs, "Detroit Has a Skyline", so try that one next.
Quite simply one of the best to ever do it, yet I still feel like they’re underrated somehow? Their 90s peak stands toe to toe with any indie band and everything since has been worthwhile too.
Yeah, I was relieved that they didn't do it because it showed that even Kendall isn't [i]that[/i] clueless. Roman becoming the mega A-hole while also being good at business is something they've laid the groundwork for the past few seasons but was still kinda surprising in that episode.
Here’s hoping Jeremy Strong gets nominated sometime soon.
Too much of someone whose whole thing is “too much”? I guess not!
“The 500,000 number doesn’t involve streaming, and 30 is doing big numbers there, as well.” Truly insane if this is the case.
Also, the Beach House songs have really grown on me. I was lukewarm at best on them last week but after some listens in the car I'm back on board.
here for Horsegirl. Let me peep that Minutemen cover!
Far be it from me to tell an artist what they should be called, but... this is objectively a much worse name. Some things can stay inside jokes.
Album art not quite as off-putting as Eureka, but definitely kept me away from Jim’s work for several years. When I finally dug in I loved it. His work with Sonic Youth was also great and resulted in my sentimental fave Murray Street.
I find the whole exercise extremely lame and cringe but then I’m not in the target audience for this (saps)
The first three seasons really are something special, but it's funny that when Danny Pudi raps on one of the episodes my first thought was "Damn he's better than Donald"
Still the gold standard for self-cancelling over some bullshit
I hadn’t heard anything about this until last night so I did some digging and read some of the statements. The guy sounds like a typical early 20s asshole for sure but this seems even less egregious than what the Pinegrove guy did.
As a musician, Donald Glover is a hell of a comedian and actor.
This is the lamest, whackest, least redeemable facet of American life currently going on.
Lessons, listens... ya know
Will do. 7 brought me back into the fold after being underwhelmed by the previous few albums so maybe I was expecting something else. After the first few lessons seemed like these new songs lacked structure or focus. Hopefully they grow on me!
I missed the Beach House discourse so I don't know if I'm alone, but I felt fairly underwhelmed by the four songs they released. They had some interesting musical ideas but overall were pretty meandering, and Victoria's voice sounded off to me. Maybe I need to give 'em more time but I went from pretty hyped to disappointed in about 20 minutes.
Heavy agree d-brad. Was always my favorite of theirs! Saw them on that tour in Omaha in the front room of the Slowdown with... 10 other people? It whipped.
Japandroids playing Celebration Rock in full? I guess I know what I and every other 33 year old bearded guy will be doing that weekend.
Getting caught up after the craziness of the day - Jenny can do no wrong IMO
I’ve always been a fan of his (probably not a surprise considering my avatar) so this is heartening. He seems to have grown a lot, which, for a guy in his 60s used to not be something to celebrate. But if the last few years have taught me anything it’s that we should take what we can get from his generation. Apologizing is the easy part, even is many seem to blow that; I hope to see him continue with his actions.
Intentional or not I’m getting RHCP vibes from the cover art, and now I’m picturing RHCP with Marissa as the singer. Mmmmmm that’s nice.
Why did every band decide to do stuff today?
*AJ Soprano voice* So what? No fuckin single now?!
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