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Great to see Matt thriving 20+ years in one of the most difficult industries to do so.
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December 4, 2019 on M. Ward – “Migration Of Souls”
I'm glad to see them going this route. I'd rather see them create and play the music they want rather than see them implode pandering to people that are stuck in 2015.
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December 4, 2019 on Tame Impala – “Posthumous Forgiveness”
It's quite amusing to see you millennials become so defensive when one of your idols starts to grow and expand beyond your basic comprehension. Try not to feel so threatened and just appreciate a human who is looking to expand her horizon past the gluttony that is the world we live in.
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November 23, 2019 on Grimes Responds To Zola Jesus Calling Her “The Voice Of Silicon Fascist Privilege”
He's good buddies with the Tim and the guys in Midlake. He still spends time in LA.
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November 23, 2019 on Beck Says He’s Not A Scientologist
Stereogum should starts a Jhené Aiko – “None Of Your Concern” (Feat. Big Sean) Video turns 1 day old post.
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November 15, 2019 on Jhené Aiko – “None Of Your Concern” (Feat. Big Sean) Video
Basically, the Star Wars franchise is two great movies followed by 40+ years of non-sense. It will never be put out of its misery because people don't care if it is good or bad just as long as it has Star Wars branding.
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November 12, 2019 on Kanye West – “Follow God” Video
Love it! A creative response even at my own expense definitely deserves big thumbs up. About the only thing could find at fault was the boomer mention.
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November 4, 2019 on Coldplay – “Everyday Life”
This song is the perfect soundtrack for millennials.
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November 3, 2019 on Coldplay – “Everyday Life”
Tame Impala are one of the rare bands that are exceptional in every way. Whether it is the album or live they are at the top of the game. They remind me a lot of the Super Furry Animals circa Rings Around the World/Phantom Power era. Unfortunately, The Super Furry Animals never received the acclaim they deserved.
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October 25, 2019 on Tame Impala Announce New Album The Slow Rush
Anything Natalie Mering does is amazing.
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October 20, 2019 on Hear A New Weyes Blood Song In The Trailer For Age Out
I feel for the millennial generation. They are so fragile that even an emoji can send them into hysterics. I have no idea what they would do when something truly impactful is facing them and mom and dad are not there to bail them out yet again.
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October 15, 2019 on Pharrell Distances Himself From “Blurred Lines”
yet another dumb album anniversary article.
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September 30, 2019 on Something To Write Home About Turns 20
I'm conflicted here. On one end we have yet another anniversary article. It seems like just about every day we get 3 to 5 of these. Forget real journalism, let's just keep writing these easy pieces on some album turning 10. On the other end. I knew both these guys pretty well back in the day and I am glad to see them getting some recognition. Now if we can just get them to make music together again then we might give a bored journalist something worth writing.
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September 21, 2019 on Album Turns 10
I have no idea why millennials find it so endearing to celebrate every albums anniversary. It was cute the first couple of times they celebrated landmark albums but now journalists have just run with it and every single album ever made gets an article when it hits an anniversary. Stop lazy journalism!
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September 14, 2019 on Man On The Moon Turns 10
This album came down to it's lead single "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?". The upbeat nature of the song directly contradicted the tone set by Automatic for the People. It was only natural for people that loved Automatic to turn away from Monster. Yet, this album has aged extremely well as mentioned, and it's lead single is a straight up monster.
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September 7, 2019 on R.E.M. Announce Monster 25th Anniversary Box Set
I've grown so tired of writers who pander to the simplistic nature of their millennial audience and simply copy and paste someone else work and pick an image and title for the click bait.
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September 7, 2019 on Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Addresses Justin Bieber Beef
This certainly seems like music fit for video games.
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August 27, 2019 on White Reaper – “1F” Video
Support for Kanye is now up 8.77% amongst potential millennial voters.
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August 26, 2019 on Watch Kanye’s Sunday Service In Dayton In Support Of Mass Shooting Victims
For a country that imprisons more people than any country on Earth unjustly, I find this quite ironic.
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August 5, 2019 on US Tells Sweden Keeping A$AP Rocky In Prison Could Cause “Negative Consequences”
I'm so looking forward to reading an article on this by a millennial where they take an event and somehow makes the entire piece about themselves. "Where I was and how I felt when I heard the news about A$AP Rocky's release" ---coming to some online media channel soon!
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August 4, 2019 on A$AP Rocky Released From Jail
This might be the defining moment of the millennial generation.
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August 4, 2019 on A$AP Rocky Released From Jail
The title of this thread should be as follows. Entitled millennials throw tantrum after their parents won't buy them tickets to Lollapalooza.
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August 3, 2019 on Dozens Storm The Gates At Lollapalooza, Cops Only Manage To Stop Kid With One Leg
Being thrown to the grounds and kicked and punched in the head while you are down and curled up trying protect yourself from the impact of 3 guys attacking you might just lead to a bit of confusion.
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August 1, 2019 on A$AP Rocky Testifies In Sweden, Says He Acted In Self-Defense
It is quite ridiculous. Having never heard either song before today I decided to listen to both. With exception to 3 notes and a background voice at the beginning saying "ya, ya'll know what it is" the songs are quite different. I see the influence and could see her maybe paying 10% of the song's earnings. But to say this is the same song and award this guy 100% is just dumb. They should definitely file an appeal.
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August 1, 2019 on Katy Perry & Co-Writers Owe $2.78M For “Dark Horse” Lawsuit Loss
This should be a big hit with millennial parents. It will give them great content to feature on their social media channels.
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July 26, 2019 on “Baby Shark” Is A Cereal Now
The spark really is the Vietnam War which shaped the Boomer generation. You know the one where they protested the war and attempted to give the impression is was based on a righteous belief only for it to become very obvious it was only self preservation. Once the draft stopped they ceased giving the impression of caring and mored onto towards 80's capitalism and a BMW and a nice home in the burbs which they only could afford because they inherited the money from their parents.
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July 23, 2019 on Woodstock 50 Denied Vernon Permit For A Fourth Time
It's perfectly fine to disapprove of Baby Boomers. After all, it's 40+ years of their capitalistic leadership in this country that has led us down the path of despair we currently are in. With millennials picking up the torch to lead us to our eventual complete destruction.
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July 22, 2019 on Woodstock 50 Denied Vernon Permit For A Fourth Time