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They were full of the worst punchlines, which is weird for a good comedian.
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April 15, 2019 on Watch Childish Gambino Debut A New Song And Cover Gnarls Barkley At Coachella
I think that there are some legitimate criticisms of the guy. I don’t necessarily co-sign everything in this article, but I think he makes some good points: Then again, I’m from Canada, so what do I know?!
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April 13, 2019 on Spoon Comment On That Viral Video Of Pete Buttigieg Playing Their Song
But what am I supposed to do with all the cute anecdotes about him circulating in social media?!
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April 3, 2019 on Pete Buttigieg Wrote A College Newspaper Essay About Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, And 9/11
But the scene where Freddie and Jim hold hands was groundbreaking
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March 25, 2019 on Chinese Censors Cut Six LGBT Scenes From Bohemian Rhapsody
Now I know what my Bubby would look like had she got into plastic surgery.
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March 24, 2019 on Barbra Streisand On Michael Jackson Allegations: “His Sexual Needs Were His Sexual Needs”
I’d recommend watching the Wrecking Crew documentary. Hal Blaine has a great feature in it, and he was a pretty funny guy too. It’s not quite as good as Standing in the Shadow of Motown, but it’s still a fun music movie. A”H Hal Blaine
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March 11, 2019 on Wrecking Crew Drummer Hal Blaine Dead At 90
I’m calling foul! Those sections of The Ocean and Paranoid Android are in 7/8 too. #JusticeForShoreline
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March 9, 2019 on 17 Essential Songs In 7/4
You’re right. The Ocean riff is 4/4 into 7/8.
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March 9, 2019 on 17 Essential Songs In 7/4
YES! The Tom Sawyer bridge is actually 7/8, so let’s swap them.
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March 8, 2019 on 17 Essential Songs In 7/4
One day I decided to listen back to all of his records that I could find. I thought I’d still love his collaborations with Exile, Nottz, and Madlib/MED. But I found myself really digging the older one with Mainframe and the newer one with Shafiq Husayn. I’d put those two up with NoYork and HerFavCol.
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March 6, 2019 on Blu & Oh No, Indie-Rap Survivors
I agree, although I really like Her Favourite Colour too.
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March 6, 2019 on Blu & Oh No, Indie-Rap Survivors
For a second I was like “Best Coast? Alright then.”
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February 27, 2019 on Soundset 2019 Lineup
It took me a while to realize this, but it was Buck 65 who produced the track and it was Serengeti who rapped on it!
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February 15, 2019 on Dark Was The Night Turns 10
The Blood Pt 2 is my jam.
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February 15, 2019 on Dark Was The Night Turns 10
Corden is trying hard to get me to watch his show, but I still won’t do it!!!
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February 5, 2019 on Watch Beck Perform “Tarantula” With Feist & Bat For Lashes On James Corden
I love the dude but he needs a new barber
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February 1, 2019 on Ken Burns’ Country Music Docuseries Coming To PBS This Fall
I love Weezer. That’s why it hurt me so much to write that comment. And now I’ve peaked with that comment. *logs off forever*
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January 25, 2019 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
J Cole would be another person who's a hero of mine. The music he's created over the years, I don't really listen to it, but the fact that he's making it, I respect that.
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January 24, 2019 on J. Cole – “Middle Child”
Why bother? It’s gonna hurt me.
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January 24, 2019 on Weezer Release Surprise Covers Album The Teal Album