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reviving my months (years?)-dormant account to say cheers and thanks for doing what you do. best of luck on tv!
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August 16, 2013 on Brown Man Says Goodbye To Stereogum, Heads To Television, Wants To Thank You
one of the first shows i ever played was with human host. we were using my pa/mics, and one of the guys put the mic all the way inside his mouth the entire show. at age 15 or so, their performance was one of the strangest things i'd ever seen.
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December 6, 2012 on The Human Host Movie Debuting In Brooklyn
I was at that show too! Go To Sleep killed, indeed. So did Bodysnatchers! And I was very pleasantly surprised to hear them open the encore with You and Whose Army. What a great show.
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June 7, 2012 on Radiohead Soundcheck New Song “Full Stop”
damn, i am so stoked for this usher album.
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June 5, 2012 on Usher – “Hot Thing” (Feat. ASAP Rocky)
Even so, he still completely discounts individual experience.
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May 31, 2012 on Childish Gambino – “Silk Pillow” (Feat. Beck)
5. Freshie's list of sweet lists
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May 31, 2012 on NME’s 100 Best Tracks Of The ’00s
i'd like that sentence crocheted on a throw pillow, please and thank you. life motto 2012.
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May 26, 2012 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Let's have that discussion. I'll start: it's definitely not justified.
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May 23, 2012 on Mixtape Of The Week: Miguel Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1-3
as a complete aside, i've never understood dylan being held up as somebody who totally exemplifies songwriting ability>playing ability. there's some great fingerpicking stuff on his solo stuff and when he played with a band he was playing with The Motherfucking Band. Some great playing (in addition to great songwriting, obvs) all around.
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May 23, 2012 on Dave Matthews Band – “Gaucho”
I think you mean LMFAO Cloud Nothings, the rockin'-sockin' fresh young group behind the season's biggest hit "Attack on Party Rocking (Sexy Future/Sexy Past)."
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May 23, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 25 Albums Of 2012 So Far
ah, word. didn't even mean it as a dig--i love these guys, so the xxier, the better, as far as i'm concerned.
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May 21, 2012 on Hear 5 New xx Songs Live In London
5 new xx tracks with the xxiest titles possible
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May 21, 2012 on Hear 5 New xx Songs Live In London
and of course the two rap songs to crack the top 20 are by white dudes. and no jay, biggie, nas?
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May 18, 2012 on NME’s 100 Best Tracks Of The ’90s
tom, did you see the "catch a fade" video? 4 minutes of kendrick, e-40, and droop-e mean-muggin. loved it
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May 18, 2012 on The 5 Best Videos Of The Week
Dave: I've always had a thing for 00s pop punk. There was something about the way the nihilism was wrapped up in sugary hooks that made it go down so easy. I could get down with pretty much all of them: Blink, Green Day, NOFX. But dude, Offspring are Blank. Fats: Offspring are the best of all those bands. Remember the way Noodles used to coax that axe? The Kids Aren't Alright! You're Going to Die! Amber: Dave, I'll save you! Here -- er, this Gun Has No Trigger! Dave: Only God can save us now. O, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot... Fats: Didn't you mean -- Amber: Who cares what he meant!? You're really going to kill us because Dave made some stupid comment about the Offspring? He was just kidding! Our car broke ran out of gas, we were just coming back from the gas station to fill it up -- Just From Chevron! Fats: I don't buy it, not for a second. If you were coming from Chevron, where's your gas can? Dave, Amber (in unison): Shit. Dave: Fats, could you give us one second? (conspiratorial whispering between Dave and Amber) Amber: OK, Fats. A deal: will you let us go if I Dance For You? Fats: Hmmmm… What kind of dance? Amber: Can-can? (Fats raises a shovel, anger ablaze in his eyes) Dave: Wait, wait, wait! Amber, didn't you mean a pole dance? Amber: Uh, no? (Dave elbows Amber in the ribs) Amber: Ah, yes. Maybe That Was It… (Amber walks over to a tree and begins spinning around it) Fats: She's kind of a fox, isn't she? Dave: Don't you think that's kind of an Impregnable Question? Fats: What does that even mean? Dave: I went to Yale. (Amber gyrations grow more and more erratic. What began as an alluring if slightly awkward display has evolved into something much more grotesque) Fats: Dude, what the fuck is going on? Dave: Try to See What She's Seeing… (Dave reaches in his pocket and pulls out a bowl packed full of salvia, arching one eyebrow towards Fats. Fats is happy to oblige. Fast forward 30 seconds…) Fats: Oh my God, it's all so clear! The proletariat, the bourgeois, the politicians, the radical chic, The Socialites! I said it's all so clear, they're all – Dave: Amber! Quick, let's get out of here before he comes down! Amber: Unto Caesar! (They scamper off. At first they are diligent and quiet, so as not to be seen or heard by any of Fats's minions. As they make there way further and further away, Dave begins to grow bored. He knows it could get them found, but he can't resist whistling the melody to "Stillness is the Move," just to pass the time. It isn't long before Amber joins him, harmonizing that Irresponsible Tune…)
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May 17, 2012 on Caption Contest: Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan Cover
what the hell? this one was great.
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May 16, 2012 on Caption Contest: Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan Cover
"And so then I said, 'Hey, that's not Henry Rollins, that's my grandma!'"
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May 16, 2012 on Caption Contest: Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan Cover
or the greatest ever, Tity Boi-->2 Chainz
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May 10, 2012 on 11 Classic Bands Who Changed Their Names
Dinosaur-->Dinosaur Jr.!
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May 10, 2012 on 11 Classic Bands Who Changed Their Names
here's how this thread should be going: SG commenters: "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" Sea Lawrence: I am a trans person. Everyone else: Clearly, I am not the authority here! Sea Lawrence, as a person who's lived through this and who, unlike most of us, actually knows a thing or two about it, please share your thoughts. We'll shut the fuck up for a second.
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May 9, 2012 on Against Me! Frontman To Change Genders
kind of disheartening that you keep getting downvoted.
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May 9, 2012 on Against Me! Frontman To Change Genders
obvious internet persona is obvious
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May 8, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Tragedy Darker Days Ahead
Wow, "Gotham" is gorgeous. Harkens back to "Penny Dreadfuls" in its meandering, melancholy way.
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May 8, 2012 on Animal Collective – “Honeycomb” & “Gotham”