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Well, my comment wasn't so much about the band members' feelings as it was railing against the notion that the lead singer is the only one who matters in a given band. That aside, compared to their video for 'House of Cards' this video is just me. (Obviously I'm in the minority, here) For the record, though, I love all of the music on 'King of Limbs'. Viva Radiohead
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February 25, 2011 on Radiohead – “Lotus Flower” Video
I hate videos where the lead singer stands in for the whole band. Especially ones that suck. If this was the new Thom Yorke video, I'd say 'right on par' . Radiohead can do way better than this. I'd pay zero dollars to download this. In fact I'd pay whatever I had to to ensure I never have to watch this again.
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February 20, 2011 on Radiohead – “Lotus Flower” Video
The whole time I watched this show I thought Lapidus was spelled Lopitas.
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May 26, 2010 on Lost S06E18: Series Finale. R.I.P.
I agree about the total inconsistencies in Miles' powers. somebody f'ed up over yonder at ABC. Overall, this season isn't up to snuff, but I am still thankful for the show, because how many shows actually demonstrate that they have a plan for the entire run of the show? I just about stood up and cheered when Faraday showed up at the cliffhanger.
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April 21, 2009 on Lost: Do You Know What Lies In The Shadow Of The Statue?
skipped out of work to hit [email protected] in Hollywood. Was there in time for the special Ace Frehley non-performance/stuff signing (which I skipped. would've thought Amoeba could do better than that.) I bought a used copy of Wolf Parade's 'Apologies to the Queen Mary' and didn't win a gift certificate. But on the way out I spotted Bill Paxton. All in all it sounds like other record stores had cooler shit going on and better exclusives for sale. (sigh).
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April 21, 2009 on Today Is Record Store Day