oh those fatalities, so gory. and then Mortal Kombat 2 bloodied everything even more.
i just don't like 95% of Maria stuff and in general anything schmaltzy. that would make a large percentage of blandness i guess.
The Slits version ties with MArvin's
"we're an american band" is is a total rocker BUT it pales to "we're an american band" by Yo la Tengo
upvote for all things Neneh Cherry
Young Einstein is a mess of nonsense of a movie, but its fun and has some great tunes, one of which i really liked and took a long time to find was this one.
hell yeah! one of the finest of this or any decade. A lot of stores nowadays could use some fixin'.
or to rile boomers up, something punks are known to do.
nop, which surprises about your comment me since down here a lot of stuff gets blocked
i also didn't know until some years later, but only until recently heard the original, i think Gore's version is a little better for not going on for too long.
this is grat trivia, and will for sure use when someone starts talking about the boy bands of 99-2000 and ....-gulp- BTS.
The first song of the year gets a 10! How's that for the beginning of 89? i wouldn't go so high, but this slaps, funks, and dances on it's own. wouldn't go so high as Tom, but an easy 8 for sure, a 9 when it appears in the middle of the party. The Ghostbuster's song is indeed a 9 and I Just had Sex is a full 10!
Meanwhile, in the Depeche Modian side of town . . . Martin Gore releases the Counterfeit e.p, a collection of covers, the name of the e.p. is  implying that the songs weren't written by him, which is a little joke considering he has written all the lyrics for Depeche Mode. Gore took advantage that the band was in a hiatus after finishing the tour for Music for the Masses. The selection of the covers allows the listener to get an idea of the eclectic influences of Gore. The songs are: - Compulsion (Joe Crow) - In a Manner of Speaking (Tuxedomoon) - Smile in the Crowd (The Durutti Column) - Gone (Comsat Angels)  - Never turn your Back on Mother Earth (Sparks) - Motherless Child (traditional)
i think that happened when napster became more popular and it became easier to search and download stuff. but at the beginning im pretty sure that a lot of people discovered a lot of new stuff, i know i did.
Gladys and Anita aren't really lower-voice
pj harvey, scout niblett, Laetitia Sadier, Nina Persson, Shirley Manson, Angel Olsenand a large etc
Eddie trunk being a dick somehow does not surprise me at all.
i always have thought that when somebody complains that "there is no good/great new music" it always speaks more of that person than the actual music scene (now and then)
this rules, it also has a small pice of We Have Explosive by Future Sound of London
been defendig 89 all this time, will continue to do so. if you can't find anything redeemable about that year in its music, well that's a shame.
every glam metal band has it's ballad and Poion's isn't half bad, with a quiet and nice beginning, good enough guitar solo and what feel and sound like sensitive lyrics, it mostly gets the job done. Also going with a 7. And finally 88 is over, bring on the next one!
Meanwhile, in the beats side of town . . .  Jungle Brothers released Straight out the Jungle, their debut. The first album by the Native Tongues movement, it would transform hip hop over the next couple of years. The Native Tongues took their name from a line in the song "African Cry" by New Birth which features the lyric "took away our native tongues", and would also include De la Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Black Sheep. Featuring jazzy samples, conscious and open minded lyricism that wasn't always so serious. It was the opposite of what was happening on the west coast. The first cut of the album, "Straight out the Jungle" samples lyrics from "The Message", functioning as a call back to songs themes of despair and hope. "I'll House You" was added to later editions of the album, was a collaboration with Todd Terry and stands as one of the the first fusions of rap vocals and electronic dance music to be a sufficiently big club hit.
the album is good, although a few of the songs kinda mesh into each other. The Starman cover stands out, but the Because the Night cover, oh dear, sounds like it was covered by a glam/hair metal act. no bueno.
we'll have a parade with all the good stuff coming
not only is he spinning, he dug deeper to escape from this blandness.
i give it a 9 becuase it sweeps by slapping you in the face and has a vibrant urgency. I already knew Michael's father had been in the military, but reading about the album, i learned he actually flew helicopters in Vietnam. Orange Crush -9 Stand -8 Get Up -9 World Leader Pretend - 10 Turn your inside out -8 but the live version is a 10. Pop Song 88 - 8
upvote ofr TMBG! such fun, slaping songs.
like the list says: Its a 5! i have never heard this song before and i wasn't missing much. its just there, like a abandoned car in the street and when the tow truck takes it, it won't be missed.
The first single has already been given a shoutout but since they are one of my favorite bands: Meanwhile, at the green side of town . . .  R.E.M. released Green. After leaving I.R.S. they signed a contract with Warner Brothers Records, after being promised total creative freedom. Although viewed as a sellout move by some fans, the reach of WB allowed the band to finally achieve a foothold in Europe and the UK. With each side given a name (Air, side A, Metal, side B) and that productive freedom, Green is all over the place, as members switched instruments and new ones were added to the mix (You are Everything has the first appearance of the soon to be famous mandoline) resulting in a quite eclectic album; it had until then the most pop songs they had written (Stand, Pop Song 89) as Micheal and company express a new found joy in the music and words, and well as some furious ones (Orange Crush, Turn your Inside-Out). It would also be the first one to have lyrics (at least to one song) printed in the liner notes. Also, it was released on the 1988 election day, a conscious choice. The tour behind the album would be the longest to date for the band, leaving the band so burned up after they finished, it would create the conditions for the next one record.  An inventive detail about the cover is that, because of its bright tone of yellow, if you stare at it for a while and then close your eyes, a green negative image appears.
heyRB, did you ever check out the Orville Peck recomendation?
this u2 comment is a mess, appeared where it wasn't supposed to, so now there are two versiones. sigh, come edit button, come.
that u2 song was more decent than i imagined and not as terrible as i feared.
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