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First of all you obviously know nothing about the Clash. I bet the only Clash songs you know are should I stay or should I go and rock the casbah. Let me give you a little lesson on the Clash and maybe you'll understand why they deserve number 22 on this list. They formed in 1976 and played throughout the 80s but at that point they were no longer what they used to be. The Clash were very inspirational and were one of the bands that led the punk revolution of the 70s. They were the only band, however, to evolve from that and come out with one of the greatest albums of all time, London Calling. They were very eclectic and had music ranging from rock and roll to reggae and even to funk. They were brave enough to speak out against politics and say what they really meant in a time where that wasn't looked highly upon. So for all of these reasons (and more) the Clash deserve that spot at 22 and in my opinion should be even closer to 1.
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February 7, 2011 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time