Yeah, they are currently in Brooklyn but originally from Savannah
He's in the video! And the frontman of [fellow The O.C. band] Rooney is his brother! Anyway I have been rewatching The O.C. and I still love it.
We can have demos/ Just for one day
Early reports put them at 2.6 million
The Utopia soundtrack is so good!
Lither = more lithe
Yes, we are a democracy now!
Paris' biological father was Dr Arnold Klein, celebrity dermatologist. Prince & Paris carry the DNA of Debbie Rowe, & her long time boss & lover, who was Dr Klein. Prince & Paris thankfully carry no DNA by MJ.
I pitched "Respect Motherfucking Craft Beer"
To be fair, it did originally say "one of the best thing that either of them has ever done." I added an S.
I said *one of* the best things that either of them has ever done!
All band names should be Metal Gear Solid references
He had to prepare them for The Age Of Adz somehow!
So many good ones! Dirty Projectors and David Byrne's "Knotty Pine," the National's "So Far Around The Bend," Dave Sitek's Troggs cover...and I've always loved Sufjan's gonzo 10-minute electro-classical version of "You Are The Blood."
As a Friday Night Lights fan, I find the lack of "Devil Town" disturbing
Should've been a Hop Along cover
Great song. Here's a fun scene from The Deuce in which James Franco is baffled by it:
And I agree with you re: the new Watchmen. Lindelof earned himself a hell of a lot of goodwill from me with the Leftovers, and he's pretty clearly a huge fan of the original.
I'll bite. What did you think of the new season of Bojack?
Free The Dongle
I voted for both of those!
The Aphex Twin video has an entire landscape wearing a creepy Richard D. James face!
Bruno Delbonnel, who did Inside Llewyn Davis
I hope Drake is rapping over some sick Nobuo Uematsu samples
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