Bonus bonus beat
Does Flesh Without Blood Orange have blood orange or not???
Oh I forgot about the Cores! I like the one with a fudge core. Also my favorite genre (fudgecore)
We literally fought a war for the right to not care about this shit, and yet...
Does "Pynk" kinda remind anyone else of Yaz's "Only You?"
It's a well-known track from their self-titled 2008 debut, yes!
I think you're underestimating how incompetent people are as a rule
Tbh I kind of resent the fact that I have to treat a glorified Snapchat story as an actual music video
The Biz is my personal favorite too. Also the album that introduced me to them.
I like it more than "Leave It In My Dreams" tbh!
Can confirm that they were an inescapable topic of conversation at Wes after the late aughts too.
"Temptation" and "Ahead Of Myself" are personal faves
You know when I say 2015 I mean 2014!
Joe Howse, you'll always be #1 in my book
Man, Attack The Block was a good movie.
It blows my mind too. I'm a Jewish kid who grew up in Bethesda, MD and went to school in Rockville, so the idea that the affluent DC suburbs could be some sort of weird Christian enclave is pretty hilarious to me.
Don't worry, it'll be on Spotify in like an hour!
Don't worry, there was a whole conversation about the eligibility of #fingersinthebootyassbitch
My favorite part of this whole story is that he tweeted about it at 6:22AM. Like it kept him up all night and the first thing he did when he woke up was tweet about how Hamilton is overrated.
Why does Ross, the largest friend, not simply eat the other five?
Well it looks like the playlist starts from when Prince arrived, but he had already been DJing for several hours before that.
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