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Sick song. Cool video. Bridge kinda reminds me of bad religion.
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September 15, 2020 on Mourn – “Men”
Ventura Country represent. Nard life... there's a Nardcore Bowling Tournament that used to be at Wagon Wheel Bowl in Oxnard before it closed, it's since moved to Simi Valley.
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September 4, 2020 on Dead Heat – “Know More Pain”
I’ve been to a place in Uvalde Texas called Liquor and Guns. It’s exactly what it sounds like.
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August 25, 2020 on Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh Terrorized By Neighborhood TikTok Influencers’ “COVID Parties”
They have tons of good songs and albums, they had a few collections that veered into self parody but they got way more hate than they deserve.
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August 23, 2020 on Former RHCP Guitarist Jack Sherman Dead At 64
Thank you for the nuance and lack of generalizing. Feel free to never bring this up again.
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August 23, 2020 on Kendrick Lamar Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant In New Nike Ad
I thought people in the Oh Sees group on Facebook were saying it’s in September but I could be wrong.
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August 22, 2020 on Bent Arcana – “Misanthrope Gets Lunch”
Bent Arcana yesssssss
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August 19, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Bully SUGAREGG
This news is making me more powerful by the minute.
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August 6, 2020 on James Gandolfini Loved Dookie
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August 3, 2020 on King Of The Beach Turns 10
Well I guess the real story is he’s more of a flipper than a landlord.
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August 3, 2020 on King Of The Beach Turns 10
Unsurprisingly, I fucking love this album. I like all of Wavves shit after this too- the next one was particularly depressing but I was particularly depressed when it came out so that worked out well. A girl on Craigslist gave me a ticket to the sold out Bottom of the Hill performance for free because it seemed like I was a big fan. Nathan was drinking a handle of Jack to himself that night. FIDLAR opened and did not want to smoke with me.
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August 3, 2020 on King Of The Beach Turns 10
Protomartyr has some sick songs. I love their genre of music. I could not make it through that new album, it was boring as hell.
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August 1, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Fontaines D.C. A Hero’s Death
Not that weird... those Beatles/Zeppelins/etc were given outlandish budgets and supported by labels to do that. The Beatles didn’t even tour after a while.
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August 1, 2020 on Spotify CEO To Musicians: “You Can’t Record Music Every Three Or Four Years And Think That’s Going To Be Enough”
Reflektor rules and everyone here is just contrarian.
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July 31, 2020 on The Suburbs Turns 10
I saw Iggy a few years ago, I was dancing near the front and this old dude grabbed and me and launched me football style into the air. It made no sense but that’s what happened. I landed on my feet in the middle of the mosh pit, right next to this girl with a camelbak who had saved me from dehydration during the earlier Ty Segall pit. It was a great reunion.
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July 31, 2020 on Hear The Stooges’ “Fun House” From Unearthed Last Concert With Original Lineup
The Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande hugging art for that song just brings back all the worst memories of theater major parties. It infuriates me for some reason. I hate looking at it.
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July 27, 2020 on Here Is Your Song Of The Summer 2020
that Pottery album was soooooo good last week
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June 30, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Little Kid Transfiguration Highway
I love Stereogum! I would have never learned about the Red Hot Chili Peppers without this site.
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June 30, 2020 on Save Stereogum: An ‘00s Covers Comp
they need to bring back Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
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June 25, 2020 on Outside Lands 2021 Lineup