raptor jesus

raptor jesus


Trust me, you have time for this video. Turns out a great way to start the week is with a heaping helping of guitar solos.
Came here to say: 10 years since Underscore's beef with baldi. 2012 was a landmark year for the 'Gum comment section that's for sure.
Thank you for clearing the playlist lobo. I was distracted last night watching Batman & Robin.
When it rains it pours. Sorry for your loss man.
Considering how Alanis Morissette reacted to her documentary, can you really blame an artist to at least see the work before it's put out? I mean, it is THEIR life. I know we love shitting on "Ye" around these parts, but this seems like a no brainer / no big deal.
frog oracle is a veteran on this site. He knows what he's doing. (And also getting my upvotes)
"their best album and I’m glad we all agree" Seems we are in the minority DeVille! Yes, Veckatimest has their most impactful singles, but that album as a whole is uneven because of how big those singles are (happens to many albums with huge singles). Shields was a level up in every way that still provided massive songs but presented a much more solid album experience. "Half Gate" into "Sun In Your Eyes" somehow managed to top the album closing run of "On A Neck, On A Spit" through "Colorado". Then don't get me started with Painted Ruins. I'm thrilled it has its fans, but good god I gave that album so many honest tries with the Rocky Mountains as a visual backdrop driving 30 minute commutes and nothing. To be fair, it had to compete with A Deeper Understanding. But if anything it proved that Shields was indeed a high water mark for GB. Also funny to consider how Yellow House and the first Beach House album came out a month apart in 2006. I recall winter of 06/07 using both albums to wind down at the end of the night. Would have NEVER guessed Beach House would be doing better than Grizzly Bear 15+ years down the line. Perhaps it's easier to churn out albums with a 2-person band than a 4-person band. Perhaps GB blew up too fast and felt the pressure of replicating past successes. Alls to say I would've been down to hear a double disc GB album. Suppose Rossen's new solo album will have to suffice. (New song does sound terrific)


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