raptor jesus

raptor jesus


Especially when you realize you're getting more Malcom in the Middle Cranston instead of Breaking Bad Cranston.
Who remembers Gabe's glowing review of Drive on Videogum? My favorite line was at the beginning when he asked if the reader had seen Drive. No? Throw your computer in the garbage can and go see Drive. Have you seen Drive now? Great. Let's talk about it. Or something along those lines. Big ups to Gabe because that's what got me up and to the theatre to go see it, and in turn, discovering Chromatics. Thanks Gabe.
Amazing and sort of relatable. I wrote a college paper analyzing Blue Velvet based on Aristotle's Poetics. It's been my favorite movie ever since. I hope to use: "WHO ARE YOU? A BUNCH OF PURITANS?" the next time I subject someone to a Lynch film.
No no no, you are messing with me when you drop a "The Laziest River" reference. And you did a great job. Now I'm thinking you knew you were messing with me, but said bloc instead to further mess with me. And again, Bravo.
Turns out using Spiritualized as an influence is a very great music strategy.
Caroline AND Megan at the Tulsa show? Ya'll know where I'll be 3/17/22
I've been saying it, Yves Tumor is the rock god we need right now. This is so reassuring to read. Experiencing so much FOMO and trying to figure out which city I should travel to so I can witness this live set myself.
Forever thankful they decided to make an all out rock song with "Die". It's definitely an odd song compared to the rest of the album, but it was always my favorite.


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