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The record crushes...GB crushes. Simple as that. Every record for these dudes always requires multiple listens and a gestation period, which is why I love groups like FF and GB.... there's so many surprises and dark horses that gain your affection with each successive listen. Yeah the oversaturated and poppy musica landscape can blow, in addition to the financial viability stuff as well.... but maybe we should just be grateful that there's a DOPE ass psych-y band like this that's still doing it straight up. These guys are the cream of the crop and they should be proud of this one.
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August 18, 2017 on Premature Evaluation: Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins
I mean.. OK we all get it. Mayer started off as a complete bitch boy and he's had his poppy moments, no doubt. Some seriously vomit worthy moment. Yes. - But in the end, he's literally got the chops to match any of the great guitarists. Hendrix. Stevie. etc. He can play it all. He's the real deal on that front. I saw him play with the Dead & Co. and verbatim from about 1,000 ancient heads kept overhearing "Man, John Mayer really suprised the shit out of me. He's unreal". And he is. He can play like a madman. That's why it's so hard to deciper his intentions in all of this. Or was he swayed into popdom by the influences around him? Who knows. I do know at the end of the day, if it only costs him a few articles like this questioning his intentions and legitimacy, in order to make a fucking incredibly comfortable life playing music and now the music he should've been paying all along.. it's not much to part with.
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September 16, 2016 on Trying To Make Sense Of John Mayer’s Career, 10 Years After Continuum
Colorado... just wow.
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September 5, 2016 on Yellow House Turns 10
Hey! People still like the Lumineers...... well that's great! They're still terrible and I want to punch suspender guy in the forehead.
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April 21, 2016 on Hey! People Still Like The Lumineers
Rossen's side project would moreso be his self titled solo work. DOE is kind of defunct. I get both sides of this in that... well the perception of a musicians hiatus might be that they're just frolicking around aimlessly enjoying time off, when in reality it's most likely unplugging from the grueling nature of tour and spending time with loved ones. BUT having said that, I do think the original argument has some merit in that there's probably so many musicians out there who use the nature of the industry as an excuse not to develop some kind of side hustle or day job or be more inclined to have a monetize type mindset. Complaining about not having the $$ to make strides in life and buy houses and save etc. are usually in tandem with the artistic delusion that working/making money/focusing on a hustle is selling out.
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April 13, 2016 on Grizzly Bear To Begin Recording New Album Next Month
Clearly this is half serious, half tongue-in-cheek.... per his usual approach. Not sure why everybody is up in arms on this? -- He's right too! Even within the supposedly elevated hipster aesthetic is nothing but regurgitated Urban Outfitters, hackneyed style.
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November 3, 2015 on Father John Misty Teaches You How To Stop Dressing Like A Graphic Designer
You're telling me Hendrix and Stevie weren't popular in their time? -- The dynamic has shifted and clearly it's a night-and-day scenario in terms of the generational and stylistic gap... We get that. But in the end Mayer is dedicated to his craft and clearly cares deeply about what he does. Oh and I play guitar... very seriously myself, so I think I have a decent grasp of who these forces of nature were in comparison to John "My Anus is a Wonderland" Mayer.......... but in 2015, who else is out there with total chops like these guys? Anastasio? Clark Jr.? I don't see many. Gotta take what we can in this watered down world devoid of front men and guitarists.
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August 5, 2015 on John Mayer Joining The Grateful Dead For Dead & Company Tour
In the end...... Is John Mayer sort of a cheesy sell-out? Hell yes. But the guy's got chops and literally does Hendrix and Stevie to a T. -- He's a beast. Too bad he had to go to the dark side first.
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August 5, 2015 on John Mayer Joining The Grateful Dead For Dead & Company Tour
Magic Potion = Top Dog. Though I can't stand these fuckers anymore.
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June 11, 2015 on El Camino (2011)
Agreed. This + functionality will win. -- Spotify has the best functionality at this point (except the radio feature) so I'll most likely stick with it. Do I think the economics of the situation need to change? Very much so. -- But my vinyl collection is a good indicator of my contribution to the pie.
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June 11, 2015 on Ben Gibbard Isn’t That Excited About Apple Music Either
I met Robin, Christian, and Casey one night behind the Masonic Auditorium in Cleveland. I walked up to them because I was all, "Holy shit that's Fleet Foxes" and they're one of my favorite bands of all time. Let me tell you they were WEIRD. Robin pecknold smelled like he literally hadn't bathed in a year. I had to force conversation out of them and I wasn't being the overzealous fanboy either, cool and collected all the way. They basically obliged us in near silences, and afterwards looked at each other and said "Uh let's go back on the bus". I didn't really take it to heart, I've just come to realize that musicians (Especially Indie musicians) are either cool and down-to-earth, or just weird as hell.
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January 3, 2013 on Watch Father John Misty Cover “I Believe I Can Fly” On S.S. Coachella
I'm a huge fan of Phosphorescent and perhaps I'm falling prey to my habitual tendency of premature judging here... but I just don't dig this at first listen. Cliche pop chord structure with synths and cheesy strings? It sounds like a half assed pop attempt and there aren't even any real hooks to back it up.
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December 11, 2012 on Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula”
I love Tame Impala, like a lot. They're a breath of fresh air in a day of a bunch of bullshit music. Having said that, they REALLY need to figure something out with the live vocals. They sound awful compared to the layered album versions. It's tough live, but Kevin Parker really needs to work it out because it doesn't sound good at all.
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November 23, 2012 on Watch Tame Impala On Jools Holland
Fear Fun was without a doubt one of the best albums of 2012, let alone one of the best records I've heard in a while PERIOD. Among all the bleep bloop electronic trendy dribble comes some good writing like this stuff. Tillmania has great taste and it shows in his general vibe and songs.
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November 18, 2012 on Watch Father John Misty on Conan