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As a Miami resident, I have a feeling I will be hearing a lot of this in the future...and I'm ok with it.
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October 11, 2018 on Bad Bunny – “Mia” (Feat. Drake) Video
They should really look into using a backing band more often. Narcos killed.
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March 4, 2018 on Watch Migos Perform “Stir Fry” & “Narcos” On SNL
Curious to see if Culture II is worthy of a Premature Evaluation and by that if Migos has risen that far in the ranks to justify it. Crazy to think Culture came out 1 yr ago tomorrow.
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January 23, 2018 on Album Of The Week: Tribulation Down Below
The line "...and write you 'Stillness is the Move'" still gets me everytime
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November 30, 2017 on Dirty Projectors – “Up In Hudson” Video
Really wish something was written about Beach House 3, which is really good. The only thing Tom seems to like to write about Ty is the lothario similes that preface his name. The R&B landscape is pretty tough to shine through if your name isn't Frank Ocean but I think Ty deserves his due.
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November 9, 2017 on Ty Dolla $ign & Future – “Darkside” (Feat. Kiiara)
Total Ye Stan over here but I wish he'd give up the T-Swift crap. It's the equivalent of Eminem rapping about Britney or Jessica Simpson.
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October 31, 2017 on CyHi The Prynce – “Dat Side” (Feat. Kanye West)
Is it me or does the beat sound like the one on 112 ft Notorious BIG - Only You?
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October 6, 2017 on Ty Dolla Sign – “Ex” (Feat. YG)
I have absolutely loved St. VIncent ever since I first heard "Paris is Burning" way way back ago. My one minor rub during this is time is that there always seemed to be not necessarily a facade but a kinda mask that she keeps with her music. Glad to see she's getting more personal and it's definitely showing on the way she let's loose towards the back end of the song
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September 7, 2017 on St. Vincent – “Los Ageless”
She did do an album with David Byrne. That's plenty of new wave by association
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September 6, 2017 on St. Vincent – “Los Ageless”
Definitely think there should be a reference to Glory in this article. Just revisited it last week and it's seriously under-rated
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August 21, 2017 on Watch Britney Spears Cover Bonnie Raitt’s “Something To Talk About”
At this point you need an interesting backstory to elicit a BNM, at least for established indie bands. Look at Fleet Foxes's Crack-Up, which I believe is equally as good as Painted Ruins, and one could easily argue that both Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear are equals in the indie spectrum---top tier but maybe not up there with Radiohead, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, et al. But there was a more interesting backstory with Robin Pecknold 's hiatus vs the Grizzly Bear guys. The hiatus was only a year apart but Robin had the whole going back to college thing along with rise of former member, FJM, to stoke interest. Grizzly Bear just took a while to make a new album, which doesnt have the same cache.
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August 18, 2017 on Stream Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins
People are acting like Kanye hasn't made a great album in years. TLOP is barely a year old and is still amazing.
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May 22, 2017 on Pusha T Has Reportedly Been Helping Kanye “Stay On Track” In Wyoming
This album is amazing and it's becoming a travesty that she continually gets overshadowed by big sis (as amazing as Bey is)
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September 30, 2016 on Solange Shares Her Inspirations For A Seat At The Table
My guess is that Kevin Parker is responsible for the key change
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September 20, 2016 on Lady Gaga – “Perfect Illusion” Video
I actually think Glory is ridiculously good. People will write it off for all the same tired reasons: Does she write the songs---no. Can she sing---no But it is impeccably produced, very consistent, and straight up bangs. Is she Taylor, Ariana, or CRJ---no. But this is definitely the best Britney, front to back, that we've ever had.
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August 23, 2016 on Album Of The Week: Vince Staples Prima Donna
She's Indian/Sri Lankan; he's of Pakistani decent. It's not as far fetched as you'd think
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August 8, 2016 on M.I.A. Wrote A Song With Zayn Over WhatsApp
Almost as tragic as when Grizzly Bear were bumped on Letterman for the Chevy Volt. Their performance of "Ready, Able" was well worth the wait though
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July 21, 2016 on Colbert Bumps Case/Lang/Veirs For More Donald Trump Jokes
How has that new Gucci not leaked yet? Also, any thought to add R&B artists to Status Aint Hood. I know most R&B artists sit in that gray zone between Hip-Hop and Pop but it seems like a lot of good stuff falls between the cracks here at the 'gum between Status Aint Hood and This Week in Pop
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July 20, 2016 on 21 Savage Is Rap’s New Bad Guy
I'm not doubting that it's not targeted at specific people. Just like I'm not doubting no shoes, no shirt, no service isn't targeting specific people. But to say either of those codes are targeting a specific race is going too far.
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July 2, 2016 on Chance The Rapper Calls For WhirlyBall Boycott
There is nothing in that dress code that I can see that prevents he or any other person from entering that establishment. Whirlyball has every right to enact and enforce a dress code that they see fit. Same right goes the Chance and every other person to not go to that establishment if they don't want to. But to say those rules are there to keep black people out is very obtuse. Not every black person dresses like that nor does every person who dresses like that black.
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July 2, 2016 on Chance The Rapper Calls For WhirlyBall Boycott
Hmm...I guess I missed the part where the dress code explicitly discriminated against black people.
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July 2, 2016 on Chance The Rapper Calls For WhirlyBall Boycott
Calling out JT for capitalizing on what black people invented is as dumb as calling out LeBron for capitalizing on a sport a white person invented
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June 30, 2016 on Vic Mensa Calls Out Justin Timberlake For Cultural Appropriation
100it to me is pretty bad but I actually like this mixtape. It might be my favorite thing he's put out since DS2. Purple Reign was pretty great and cohesive and all but to me this has a lot of bangers. I guess part of the problem is this really is a "mixtape". There are a good amount of tracks that don't even have Future, so it feels even more like a product of DJ Esco than a proper Future album that's been given the title of mixtape just because it's free.
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June 29, 2016 on The Future Era Is Over
Aww, poor Ariana. I feel like Dangerous Woman is getting the respect it deserves.
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June 2, 2016 on The Popstar Soundtrack Takes The Lonely Island’s Parody Of Music Industry Excess A Little Too Far
He's getting amazing mileage out of the album and deservedly so. Is there a more consistently entertaining artist out there now?
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May 24, 2016 on Watch Father John Misty Perform “I Love You, Honeybear” On Le Grand Journal
Any chance we get a Premature Evaluation? This album is pure pop gold.
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May 20, 2016 on Watch Ariana Grande In The Snapchat Horror Movie Dog Face Filter
I dont think Pharrell gets the recognition he deserves as a producer. I think nowadays we just focus on "Happy" and "Get Lucky" and the hat but his production credits go toe to toe with anyone and his range has been extremely far reaching. I cant count how many times I've gone "Wow, I didn't know Pharrell" produced this. Last year he produced arguably the track of the year K.Dot's "Alright" but few people associate him with the song. All this is to say I'm glad JT is working with him again. They had magic on Justified's 4 best tracks not named "Cry Me a River" and I hope they can bring it back
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May 4, 2016 on Justin Timberlake’s Trolls Track Is Out This Friday
Not Catholic or Christian for that matter but is the cover a reference to Good Friday?
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March 25, 2016 on Stream Young Thug Slime Season 3