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Great post! While I understand this list is subjective and everyone will want their favorite artists high on the list people need to be realistic. I also think that in order to be considered a top artist you need to write your own music, play your own music as well as be influential. That would knock a lot of this list though, especially some of the newer fan favorites. If people say the list is judged on influence where is Grand Master Flash? How about.... Lionel Richie? Phil Collins/Genisis? Clapton HAS to be up there on the list and I didn't even see him on the list, that is a JOKE! What about Trevor Rabin, how much writing has he done for some popular movies, artist let alone what he did for Yes? Granted he didn't do anything solo so that is probably why he is not on the list. Again it is how you define "artist" because I think Rush in what I define as an artist would be WAY up there on the list. They have evolved over time and they were heavily influential on some of the artists that are higher then them. Not to mention how good they are at playing their music. I have to agree that VH1 has some BAD choices when it comes to their lists!
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September 9, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time