Very nice! I love love love "Introduction, Presence;" maybe my favorite debut album of the year.
To quote the great MC from "Paris Is Burning," "It is a known fact that a woman do carry an evening bag at dinner time"
I just listened to Keepsake the other day and it really holds up! "Without A Blush" is probably one of my Top 5 songs from last year.
This is my favorite song of hers since "Supalonely"
"Essentials" was in my Top 5 last year and I've very excited for new music!
I've had the "raise it up!" video for the past month! Nice to see them getting some love from the 'Gum.
Stacked week! Really excited for Roísín, Marie Davidson and Sad13; all of the singles have been killer.
This is perfectly fine/typical Future Islands, but I had no idea that Matthew Gray Gubler had this many stans? The comments on the video are all over the place.
Charly Bliss doing "Hollaback Girl" is sublime
all I would like to do is go dance in a warehouse to this fuck these trying times
That central synth riff is gorgeous, but the rest of this feels a little AltNation? I really liked "RARE" and this isn't doing as much for me.
She absolutely didn't need to do the ballad version of "Stupid Love" but the rest was fabulous
Really excited for this one! "My High" has been on constant rotation for weeks.
The FOTP tweet is truly one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time
love the song and video but "wet and gushy" is one of the wilder radio-friendly lyric changes in recent memory
I really enjoy basically everything she does and this is no different!
This EP is gonna be killer
I kinda forgot that this was coming out! So glad it'll be here just in time for fall
Taylor making her version of a Phoebe Bridgers album is actually pretty great! "Cardigan" is pretty gorgeous.
Her best song since "Get Outta My Way" for sure It doesn't seem like Teyana's scot-free in all this? This is pretty gross behavior (also sorry if this didn't embed properly; new to commenting after years of just reading)
Not loving this pivot into bedroom pop. Lyrically good, but sonically a lil innocuous.
It's hard to get mad at the current wave of very blatant '90s revivalism when it's this well done
It's ok. Obviously your mileage may vary, but she used to pile hooks on hooks on hooks, whereas a lot of the post-"Never Really Over" singles feel unfinished (this included).
This is great! Reminds me a lot of Charli's "SUCKER" which remains deeply underrated
"Wind On Tin" is still one of my favorite songs of the year! "Sorceress" as a whole has a great lonesome desperado vibe that's perfect for isolated quarantine walks.
The transition from "Chromatica II" into "911" is truly brain-melting
Roots-rock chug keeps me chugging!
Stacked week! Really excited for the Jess Williamson album, too. "Wind On Tin" is such a great lead single.
This is my ranking exactly but swap "Hallucinate" and "Break My Heart"
Really excited for this to drop! All the singles have been great.
Kinda reminds me of "Grace Kelly" by MIKA? Not a bad thing at all.
I'm really digging these! "stardew" has been on constant repeat for me since it came out.
All this jingle-jangle grooviness is perfect for late summer! 3 for 3. I really liked "pom pom" and I'm super excited for this.