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October 23, 2017 on Veruca Salt’s Louise Post Among Dozens Of Women Accusing Director James Toback Of Sexual Harassment
Tanya Donelly is no Bad Bhabie. Star is one of my favorite 90's alternative albums.
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October 6, 2017 on Belly Announce Crowdfunding Campaign For First New Album In 23 Years
I wouldn't mind if this band made more songs.
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April 17, 2017 on Bully – “Right”
Even if this list was made with the sole intention to actively limit the number of white men represented (which I doubt) it is still not a step backwards. Go ahead and be sad about it but there are plenty of other places where white men still dominate. Speaking as a white man, we had our fun and it is well past time we step aside and make room for some other voices.
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November 6, 2016 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands Of 2016
"Impossible to get through in one sitting"?! I had First Come, First Served on repeat in my car for months. I was also probably the exact kind of fan Keith was trying to put off. Didn't work.
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May 16, 2016 on Remembering Kool Keith’s Unlikely Major Label Phase
Brilliant! This guy need to sell shirts that say "Unlikely to ever care. - Steve". Make em the same green as in the video. I like the tune too.
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October 2, 2015 on Powell – “Insomniac” Video
There is no beef here. Both of their moms are safe up in the streets.
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October 1, 2015 on Powell Explains His Steve Albini Billboard
That new Horrendous has me super psyched. Kind of disappointed the new Black Breath song is not mentioned. Slaves Beyond Death is soooo good!
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September 1, 2015 on The Black Market: The Month In Metal – August 2015
I like your first point. Kurt was one of the first male influences I had that made me feel like it was ok to identify as a feminist. He said so many things defending and advocating for women that really spoke to me. I will not be seeing this movie because I grew up with Kurt and already got what he willingly gave to the world in terms of ideas and music. All this dug up residue that had emerged since his death means nothing to me. I can understand how younger people who missed living Kurt would want more because he was a facinating person but it seems you would be better off finding all his old interviews from when he was alive and presenting himself on (at least somewhat) his terms.
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June 11, 2015 on More Buzz Osborne On Kurt Cobain: “The ‘Truth’ About His Situation Has Always Been False”
Especially with a drummer as bad ass as Sebastian Thomson.
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June 10, 2015 on Baroness Are Recording With Dave Fridmann
Starbucks sold CDs? I guess it's been a while.
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February 20, 2015 on Starbucks Will Stop Selling CDs
You'll get there buddy. I have faith in you.
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February 19, 2015 on Sun Kil Moon Announce New Album Universal Themes Not everyone beats dead horses.
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February 19, 2015 on Sun Kil Moon Announce New Album Universal Themes
And he is just about as prolific as Pollard.
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February 7, 2015 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Clandestine and Left Hand Path are both amazing albums. I've probably listened to Clandestine more than any other Entombed album and if you would have asked me 10-15 years ago I would have picked Clandestine hands down, but Wolverine has grown on me so I "prefer" it currently. I'm not saying it is better.
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February 5, 2015 on Napalm Death Albums From Worst To Best
Also this -
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February 4, 2015 on Napalm Death Albums From Worst To Best
This list is probably as close to mine as there is here. Of course I might move a few things around but this is pretty on point. I also prefer Wolverine Blues to Clandestine. Nice work.
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February 4, 2015 on Napalm Death Albums From Worst To Best
What an amazing body of work. Personally, while I get the arguments against Harmony Corruption, it is easily in my top 3. I loved it when it came out and I can still go back to it over and over again. I prefer their early stuff and the later period myself. The period from Inside the Torn Apart through Smear Campaign did less for me but I have to admit that I have spent the least time with this part of their catalogue. This list did make me go back and listen to Time Waits For No Slave again and for that I thank you. While I don't think it deserves the top spot I'm glad I went back and gave it another chance. I think I lumped it into the bunch of albums that came before it because production-wise that period is pretty samey. I think Utilitarian stood out to me because the production was a little darker and grittier and the songs were shorter. I'm suprised to see it at #3 considering it did not make the Stereogum list of best metal albums of 2012. Anyway, great job on all the write ups. ND deserve all the coverage and respect they get.
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February 4, 2015 on Napalm Death Albums From Worst To Best
Crowds in general have gotten weak as fuck as far as I can tell. I've been to a few shows where the crowd was really into it but it has mostly been metal shows where the fans respect the music they are there to see. People are too worried about dropping their phones or looking aloof. It probably didn't help this show that they came out to Queen. Mike had to WORK to get that crowd going.
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January 26, 2015 on Watch Run The Jewels Rap In A Former Paris Train Station For La Blogothèque
I'm so happy these ladies are back together. This made my day. Still one of the greatest rock bands of our time.
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January 16, 2015 on Watch Sleater-Kinney’s High-Kicking Letterman Reunion
This album is a monster. One of the things I have always loved about Sleater Kinney is how each of their albums sounds unique, yet still sounds like them. This one fits perfectly into their discography by doing just that. I don't think there is a weak track on the record and they are easily one of the greatest rock bands of the last 20 years.
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January 12, 2015 on Premature Evaluation: Sleater-Kinney No Cities To Love
A few random thoughts. I love that music videos are still a thing. I'm also glad the whole "videos are dead" discussion has seemed to die down. Not really a fan but that Haim video is still really good. I was on the bus tonight and the guy sitting in front of me was watching that Grid video and that was kind of weird. Where is the Turn Down for What video? That shit was cray. Also, fuck you for making me watch/listen to Blank Space again. Thought I had got that out of my system.
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December 19, 2014 on The 40 Best Music Videos Of 2014
Thanks again for doing this column and covering this music. I have been a metal fan for a long time now and it is still music that means so much to me. Due to alot of crazy stuff going on in my life the past two years I have not had as much time or money to dedicate to music as I would have liked. But I have always found time for metal and actually NEEDED it as much as I did when I was a teenager. You have turned me on to several albums that I would have otherwise missed and supported many artists that I think truly deserve it. Thanks again. Looking forward to what 2015 has to offer.
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December 15, 2014 on The 50 Best Metal Albums Of 2014
If you are going to go big then go BIG. This list goes to 70! And we have the same #1 song.
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December 13, 2014 on Stereogum’s 70 Favorite Songs Of 2014
I applaud Michael for sticking to his metal guns. I too had a certain #1 and the rest are hard to rank. Here are the 10 songs that I played over and over again this year or stuck with me for some reason. 1. Oxygen - Swans 2. YOB - Marrow 3. Kitty - marijuana 4. Aphex Twin - CIRCLONT6A [syrobonkus mix] 5. Liars - Vox Tuned D.E.D. 6. Millie & Andrea - Stay Ugly 7. Rustie - Attak 8. Shellac - Gary 9. Thou - Feral Faun 10. Run The Jewels - Oh My Darling Don't Cry I must say I listened to Blank Space more times than I care to admit but cannot bring myself to rank it.
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December 11, 2014 on Stereogum’s 70 Favorite Songs Of 2014