You know I got some good head stories.
That guy's face looks significantly younger than the rest of his head, and that avocado toast sounds good.
PWR BTTM really took the pounding of a century this last week.
I'm kinda doubting the authenticity of their music when at least one half of the band (allegedly) isn't even a bottom after all.
Haha yeah, I think apps have pretty much left CL the domain of DL bros, senior citizens & niche fetishists, but that's exactly the type of vibe I'm getting from this dude after these allegations.
Ben's the type of power bottom to open every Grindr convo with a creepy asshole shot
Always way. Her explanation of how they sold 10 million records and went broke on Behind the Music is classic. I'm a TLC stan from way back but this album is shaping up to be pretty embarrassing.
On the subject of Kendrick and dropping, has anyone else noticed that "Blood" is an homage to the interlude in Britney's "Oops I Did It Again"? "Britney, before you go, there's something I want you to have" "Oh, it's beautiful! But wait a minute, isn't this?" "Yeah, yes, it is." "But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end" "Well, baby, I went down and got it for ya" "Aw, you shouldn't have" The blind woman is Britney in the future. But this time, instead of thanking the handsome astronaut, she shoots Kendrick dead in the street fo sho.
My dumb ass listened to the Chain Smokers' album this morning, only because Kendrick deserted me and Arca's too hard for the AM.
The first line of that Gone verse is "y'all don't want no problem with me." Sounds like Chance has really studied his Yeezus 2:19.
And in turn, he'll show him how to praise the lord and get off durgs.
A few months ago I "hung out" with this dude and his "dad" sorta joined us. Then I found out later that he went to high school with Kevin Gates, so I guess it's relatively common for people from their town to "carnally associate" with "fam", fam.
Looked up the lyrics on Genius and they're seems to be no significance.
The scrub is now paying their bills. Paying their telephone bills. Paying their automo bills.
I'm seeing Ari next month and have been anticipating queening out at the prescribed moments but figured the rest would be pretty blasé. Guess this review seems pretty spot on. I don't recall her ever captivating with a tv performance but, you know, there are the bangers.
Mercy is so melodramatically good, plus he's quite a bit prettier than your average white boy with a guitar pop star. Or your average any pop star.
I simply cannot afford to be blown from the mountains and into the sea right now, and I'm fine with that.
Getting all anon & vulnerable so AHNOHI heaves over and warbles about she'll never stop loving me sounds like a real nightmare.
Really though, Quavo's never heard of masc4masc? To assume everyone gay is soft or feminine seems so outdated.
I don't about Quavo, but I've come across many gay dudes who were pretty hard.
Probably not the only collab she's tricked been tricked into.
My Collection is such a good opener tho. And I'm a Ciara fan. Had Feds at the end originally but switched to Fresh Air for a last minute boost plus if you take the title literally it's kinda like Fwetch cleaning his plate of this career phase. Thanks for the sainthood. I can now join Kanye 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Anybody else make a FUTURE HNDRXX one album playlist? Mine bangs: 01 My Collection 02 Poppin Tags 03 Draco 04 Incredible 05 Selfish (feat. Rihanna) 06 Use Me 07 Mask Off 08 POA 09 I'm So Groovy 10 Comin Out Strong (feat. The Weeknd) 11 Sorry 12 Fresh Air'_Kim_mixtape)#/media/File%3ABlack_Friday_Lil'_Kim_album_cover.png
So she's either really carrying the babies this time, or this is an elaborate ruse to make us believe she is.
Wouldn't it be funny if in some parallel world, someone had the opportunity to document Trump's presidency, but he never showed up? Instead he offered insight as how to run the country in short snippets, eating Cheetos, and we watched footage of Pence et al riding around DC in bikinis on Hot Wheels, accompanied by passive aggressive commentary from the director. "Trump rolled up, but due to a Twitter blackout, never got out the car."
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going... to Trump's inauguration
Dude's not as big a Michael Jackson fan as he's led us to believe.
Lol dude no. It was that part of the body but nothing that gross. I'm just saying it's pretty uncouth to show that before your face.
Raindrop Drop top I just fucked ya bitch in some Gucci flip flops
If no other, then "Hercules" definitely deserved this spot a year ago. Super catchy hook & ad libs, meme worthy phrases, bouncing Metro beat. But as far as I know, that went nowhere past the internet.
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