For a band that's so chill, getting Beach House tickets was one of the most stressful things I could've done this morning. (Also copped Turnstile tickets for May. Now it's a holiday.)
I saw Protomartyr open for The Jesus Lizard and they killed it. Would love to see them again and glad to hear they haven't broken up like I feared.
Oh wow, I finally got around to Actual Life 1 yesterday and it was great.
It's really cool for the independent music community to willingly give up their chance to press records in order to help this scrappy unknown make it. 🙂
Adele & Robert Plant/Alison Krauss? Moms the world over are gonna flip. Also new Makaya McCraven!
I'm not trying to be mean, I just want him to live up to a single promise he made in the last 18 years.
I'm so close to replying to every tweet of his with "Where's the album Charles?"
I'm pretty squarely in the "Genesis/Phil Collins sucks" camp, but this is just kinda sad to see. I've also heard he's been off-key and forgetting lyrics during their UK tour too.
Every time the tortilla rips, I know the employees tried their best, but they didn't succeed.
I'm begging bands to please find actual issues to correct yourselves over.
How many Emo resets do we need before it's just a lost cause of a genre?
I mean as it stands now, it's not a great thing to do and kudos for wanting to change, but it also really feels like making a mountain out of a molehill by airing it out in public? "I'm a self-centered 20-something" isn't really a crime worth stopping your band's momentum over.
Fun fact: This was the only album that I ever got a notice from my ISP for downloading. Having your grandmother explain that she watched the "Bonfire" video out of curiosity is a deep level of internal embarrassment that's never been matched by any other album.
Damn we were close to a Full Kunkel this week.
Can't wait to come up with so many different excuses just to throw people off at work when I get some swag. Also the store launching on payday is some next-level timing.
The vibe I get from Will Smith is that he's trying to be real and relatable after so many years of being this perfectly manicured movie star, but it just comes off as kinda uncomfortable and TMI more than anything else. Also I've heard rumors he's an anti-vaxxer so :p.
Tbf people do have two Thumbs.
Every time I listen to IDLES, I always think "Man I might've been wrong about this band, they fucking rip". Then Joe Talbot opens his mouth. Anyways can't wait for the new Courtney Barnett album.
I'm glad people are finally waking up to how awful Demi Lovato is.
"18-track album" Me: I'm listening "First batch tomorrow" Me:
In the interest of fairness, I'll say that I'm getting sick of seeing Dave Grohl everywhere too.
Thanks for the answer, didn't know it was because of our clown show legal system that it's the reason why.
As much as I don't like the nerd-ass jock, I personally don't see how Drake would be culpable here unless he helped incite more moshing.
I snagged tickets for one of the Pavement reunion shows in Brooklyn, and I'm at a point where it'll be worth it regardless of whether they're on fire or if Stephen's passive-aggressively checked out like some of the stories I've read about the last reunion.
I'm here for the Bruiser Wolf love.
I was honestly expecting Courtney to write "Fuck off."
I honestly thought they broke up years ago, but still a bummer to hear. "The Weather Song" will always be a jam:
Very bold to have Rosalia headline a My Mother The Car revival:
I'm always down for more Connan Mockasin.
Funny you should say that because the new Wild Pink didn't connect with me whatsoever.
I'M TRYIN' I'M TRYIN' I'M TRYIN' I'M TRYIN' to get tickets for one of the Brooklyn shows.
I'm a simple man. I see Spiritualized use medical packaging in their design, and I'm in.
I finally got around to listening to the new Magdalena Bay album yesterday and it's just bop after bop.
I was talking with my dad yesterday about WOD and he mentioned that they would be bigger if they changed their name. In unrelated news, what are the worst unsolicited music opinions you've gotten from your parents?
"Victim" no goddamn question. "Harmonia's Dream" is a close second thanks to god-tier synths.
I'd kill to get paid $9 mill to chill with Jack Black and one of the guys behind The Eric Andre Show in Hawaii.