The synth tone on "Harmonia's Dream" is heavenly.
The dead artist industrial complex is only gonna get sadder and more desperate.
I'm 100% for the reapprasial, but I can also laugh at this:
It's almost like Spoon are insanely consistent with their music or something.
The WOD howse will end, and then we can all be at home.
Thanks beans! Gotta make sure any hellions on a field trip don't touch the artwork.
I didn't know WOD stood for "War on Doody".
I'm very much into psychedelic funk jazz and this is groovy as shit. Cheers!
A week ago I didn't have a job, I was super-stressed and I didn't really listen to a whole lot of music. As of yesterday I finally have another job at an art gallery, the stress went away and I'm down to listen to any recs you guys have to offer. Also listened to the new Andy Shauf album yesterday and I don't think "Jaywalker" is anywhere close to leaving my head.
I can't abide by this Squarepusher erasure.
Great write-up, almost makes a good companion with Terror Twilight in terms of that same kind of melancholic settling down vibe.
So that's two albums this year where my reaction is "Yep, it's definitely a Lana Del Rey album"?
So it went from one scamlord to a group of scamlords?
Now I wanna go to the gym on acid just to see what inspiration I get out of it.
When does a TNO stop being a review and start being a pop cultural post mortem? Incredible write-up on a chump who blew out like a candle.
I vaguely remember hearing about this project a few years back and just assumed it died in development hell. Cool to hear it's getting off the ground, really liked Love & Mercy.
Tom's risking a huge financial penalty for writing this article:
Okay damn this is a stacked week, but I think we can all make time for the biggest release: Kristin Chenoweth's Christmas album.
'Whelan sings about moving past “the hopes and the dreams that won’t come true.”' We're getting a bro break-up album aren't we?
I like Harry Styles enough, and I feel like this is the one corner of the internet where I won't be hassled by saying I don't really like Marvel, so mixed feelings all around.
You'd think someone who "played a central role in sculpting the sound of mainstream pop today" would sound less like a sub-James Blunt wannabe by himself.
I can't imagine being a millennial listening to this in 2011 and feeling so amped up and thinking "Man we have Obama in office, Occupy Wall Street is gonna make the fatcats pay, and we have banger music on top of it? Being a millennial is the greatest and coolest thing in the world!" And then cut to 10 years later and you're routinely dunked on by zoomers and you won't stop talking about how great the 80s/90s were while living in the aftermath of the Trump years. Anyways great album.
Jack White pulling off the Stingy from LazyTown look.
If you haven't stabbed someone over Popeyes, have you really lived at all?
*To the tune of the 24 beeping noise* GRANDU-CIEL, GRANDU-CIEL
I learned that parties can still be fun, but parties where you're in charge of music and don't fuck it up are very fun.
The war of trying to keep up the howse will soon be over.
Now I want a Fugazi song about the effects of leaded gasoline. It'd probably be a total banger too.
Wasn't he nominated for Phantom Thread?
We don't have to try and rehabilitate every punching bag act from the recent past.
Fun song! More videos should have musicians chilling with puppies.