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I was a relative latecomer to Derek Webb, since, as I mentioned, I wasn't a big Caedmon's listener. I think I first started paying attention to him when "What Matters More" (i.e. Derek Webb says the s-word in a song! And is maybe pro-gay people!) garnered all that controversy. I listened to the song and loved how it sounded (and what it said). So Stockholm Syndrome was the first of his albums that I heard, then I went back and checked out the beautiful stuff from The Ringing Bell, etc. I'm actually downloading a free acoustic version of his latest, Ctrl, on Noisetrade right now as I type. ( In short, I wish Derek Webb was known beyond the CCM refugee circles! He is SO worthy of more listeners.
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November 18, 2012 on Deconstructing: Sufjan Stevens And Christian Music
Excellent article, Chris. Like you, I grew up on a CCM diet. My faith has remained constant, but (thankfully) my taste in music has diversified. I won't repeat the many thoughtful ideas you've presented here, and instead just offer my (sadly short) list of CCM refugees I still turn to: -Jars of Clay (have you heard frontman Dan Haseltine's side project, The Hawk in Paris? They're the ones behind that "Boys and the girls and the freaks in the middle" song) -DEREK WEBB (I was never a big Caedmon's Call fan, but Derek solo has become quite the agitator in the Christian establishment, and he also reminds me of Sufjan somewhat in his folk songwriting/electronic experimentalism. Check out his 2009 album Stockholm Syndrome) -Jon Foreman (I've grown out of Switchfoot's style somewhat, but their frontman does some really nice acoustic solo stuff. He put out a seasons-themed four-EP collection a few years ago that I highly recommend) -Pedro the Lion/David Bazan (listening to his stuff too long makes me want to slit my wrists a little bit, and I think Bazan has departed the faith entirely, but listening to him work through it in his songs is fascinating) And have you heard of the Bored Again Christian podcast? Unfortunately Pete, the guy behind it, updates infrequently nowadays, but it was a good source of indie and SUPERindie (read: Christian underground) music.
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November 17, 2012 on Deconstructing: Sufjan Stevens And Christian Music
I'm not inherently opposed to an American remake of Misfits as long as it points more people to the original. Misfits is weird and amazing:
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January 23, 2011 on MTV’s Adaptation Of Skins Is Terrible
Unless you will be shattered by anything less than a perfect Veronica Mars season, go ahead and watch season 3. The show did lose a bit of its magic, what with the college setting and the mini-arcs, but it was still in the upper percentile of the average TV drama. I admit, I rank it pretty low as well, but that's because season 1 was the best single-season of a television show ever, and season 2 completely and utterly broke my heart (in a good and very weepy way). Season 3 is easily the least memorable season, but if you can get past Veronica suddenly looking like a perfectly coiffed CW "college girl," it's still full of the smart plotting and quippy quips we know and love.
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October 28, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Couples Retreat
I once spotted a guy from my church in an episode of "Pants Off Dance Off." Awkward.
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May 30, 2010 on Sarantos Acting School Introduces Us To The Stars Of Tomorrow
Great 'shop job of JT onto some chick's body! ... That IS the only part that's been photoshopped, right?
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September 11, 2009 on The Takers Poster Is The Worst Poster Ever Made