I haven't listened to Operation: Mindcrime in years, but I'm thinking this might be the weekend. I'm interested in seeing how my 5 year old will react to it (he's in the stage where everything Daddy does is awesome)!
Agreed, might be my favorite Poison single, though their first album was chock full of "getting ready to head out at 11 pm on a Friday night" songs.
It might be their song "Stop Fooling Around", released when they were called 13-13 off their EP "Release the Oven Birds".
"Good Life" was a banger. 10/10 We'll discuss techno and Juan Atkins' influences at a later date! HAPPY FRIDAY
Poison’s “Every Rose Has its Thorn” top YouTube official music video comments: 1. Nothing in this video says, “It’s the 1980s” more than those “Guess?” jeans at 2:56. Best decade ever. 2. My quote for the school year book was every rose has a thorn.. 3. Apparently when I was a baby I used to cry a lot and when I was with my dad he would play this song and I would just shut up and listen. I remember always loving this song but don't remember the first time I heard it, I guess its just that good of a song it caught my attention. 4. I never noticed that CeCe Deville is playing a Steve Vai signature series jem guitar
The band's name is Naked Twister. It brings to mind yet another story, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with this band.
I refrained from saying something earlier, but I was OBSESSED with the charts during this time period, and I remember looking at some songs that didn't go particularly high and wondering why they were still on the charts after 20 weeks (Enya's "Orinoco Flow", in particular). I'm glad you looked into this.
LOVED Gaslight Anthem, but I haven't heard anything from them in a long time.
I disappeared for a while yesterday, so I wasn't able to post this list. I reviewed all the Chicago 1980s singles I remembered, and ranked them. Of these, I'd say one #1 would rival any of their big songs of the 1970s. As for the 1990s, I definitely wasn't listening to the Adult Contemporary charts, so I haven't heard ANY of those songs. 1. Along Comes a Woman 2. If She Would've Been Faithful 3. Hard Habit to Break 4. You're Not Alone 5. Stay the Night 6. Love Me Tomorrow 7. What Kind of Man Would I Be? 8. Hard to Say I'm Sorry 9. Will You Still Love Me? 10. You're the Inspiration 11. I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love 12. Look Away As far as I'm concerned, the only one I find interesting is #1, and maybe it's because the horns aren't hidden within the song (there's also a key chord change when it jumps into the chorus I LOVE, but I don't know enough about music theory to assist me there). 1970s Chicago I discovered AFTER I know them as a heavy version of Air Supply, and consider my mind blown. I bought Chicago IX, and I love all of those songs more than any of their 80s output (besides #1, which falls somewhere in the middle of those 11).
I have an Edie song to discuss as well. The Nightshift is The Primer, as it is bringing back memories!!!
How's "The Morning After" shift? I was busy yesterday; less so today. Tower Records was an amazing store, and I'll have a story about it when we reach the mid-90s, but unrelated to the chart toppers due to the Games Record Companies Play. This was a great Fleetwood Mac song, one I'd forgotten about. I also thought I owned the Kylie song, but I didn't remember it upon listening to it. I'll have to go back and check the list of 45s I once owned (and cassingles, but could we forgot that term entirely?) As for Sheena, this was PEAK Sheena for me. Others may have loved the look of Madonna, or Samantha Fox, or Karyn White, all of which I liked. But Sheena Easton? "The Lover in Me" video, tossing her teased hair around and piercing blue eyes? She was a 10/10, and a future song of hers will by discussed in my Irrational Love chart.
I'm on it, Adam. Give me a day or so.
I'm 16 (15 1/2) years older than my wife. I met her when she was 26, and I was 42. In a lot of ways, she's "older" than me - for instance, her favorite artist is Michael Buble and his standards, while I prefer modern alt rock.
I've seen about 100 concerts in my life, and I don't think I've seen a band at/past their peak in the last 30 years. I'd rather spend the money on a band that no one has heard of trying to make it rather than touring as a cash grab...and some of the best shows I've seen come as a result of not expecting much, but the band delivers.
V-dog, which 4 lads? I mean, I can tell they're British "lads", but you'll need to give me more details about four random boys who sang a song...
I had to take a shower after listening to this Gary Puckett song. Oof.
I think The Happenings song was turned into a commercial, no? That made me move it up for a lukewarm 4, the second highest today. Anita Baker is far and away the best today.
P.S. And water does NOT spin the other direction, FYI.
Loved The Boys. I'll be visiting them soon...
I love when my opinion on these match the collective. 3+7 = 10
Chicago’s “Look Away” top YouTube official music video comments: 1. When blowing up motor vehicles was an expected budget item for soft-rock music videos. Come back, 1988, all is forgiven. 2. Memories of the skating rink and holding hands during the "couples only" song. 3. That sound you hear is Terry Kath "spinning in his grave" 4. The video makes perfect sense its a metaphor. How many have been with someone who hard to hold on to. She kept changing in the video. 5. The fashion, the sass, the settings - This video encapsulates almost the entirety of my teenage aspirations. No wonder I'm kinda screwed up now, lol. 6. those guys in the elevator are now singing Aerosmith 7. 🤣🤣Ok, that scene in the music video where she's slowly walking away from the limo as it catches on fire gave me stroooong Harley Quinn vibes, because the same thing happens in the Emancipation of Mimi after she blows up Ace Chemicals with that mac truck. 🚶‍♀️✨🔥🏭🚛
I have argued for YEARS that if we were serious about becoming a threat to win the World Cup, Mexico and the United States needed to leave CONCACAF and join CONMEBOL. Give South America 6.5 spots, 1.5 to North America, and watch the U.S./Mexico get toughened up. Don't laugh - it's been done before as Australia left the OFC and joined Asia.
Don't like him either, but you mention the lack of ability to rhyme...which reminds me: There is a Timbaland song in the future (doesn't reach #1, but I'm sure we'll discuss) that SLAPS... ...except for the guest rapper who rhymes "house" with "house". All I could think was, "Is this the BEST rapper they could've found for this bridge??"
1. Congrats to Baby Blu!!! 2. Fantastic write-up...I'm reconsidering my 2/10 (I've only given 1/10 to songs that were offensive), because of these great comments!!! Happy weekend to all!
I just watched the video for the first time in my life: It reminded me of those karaoke videos that went with the Muzak versions of the songs.
This is the antithesis of Rabbits' passionate championing of Springsteen's "Tunnel of Love"...and I'm here for it.
My introduction to Erasure was the after hours club in Philly, Revival. I latched onto these two songs as well as Oh, L'Amour. Great memories!!!
Except for Breathe, what a fantastic collection of #3's! I was introduced to "Pillow Talk" by TNOCS...and it stayed in my heavy rotation for about a year. 10/10 IaaR: 8/10. Never been a big fan of Simon & Garfunkel "Jackie Blue": an irrational 10/10!!!
Upvoted for your passionate putdown of this heap of a "song/medley", and blaming your food poisoning on it. NOT upvoted for the actual food poisoning itself.
I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Pet Shop Boys Introspective is one of the best albums ever. Don't @ me.
This was on Sire Records "Just Say Yo" compilation. Brilliant jam.
Here's Betty: And my introduction to Ms. Wright, which reached #9:
Spinners' "Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me, Girl" > Stars on 45 > "Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird"
Frank Zappa's response to Frampton's "I'm in You" in 3...2...1...
I didn't realize until the last few weeks, but I must've been a HUGE Latin Freestyle fan. I had almost every Lisa Lisa/Cult Jam single, and I did have every Will to Power single...except this one. Tom can't rank Dreamin', but I will: 10/10 "Say it's Gonna Rain": 10/10 "Fading Away": 8/10 I agree with Tom on their medleys.
I've told this story before, but I'll share again: In seventh grade, the eighth graders in the know established that "Free Bird" was going to be the anthem for that year. They had a contest: What is "Free Bird"?...and they played that song...Every. Single. Morning. 180 days. And they never said who won the contest, or what "Free Bird" was meant to represent. I hate this medley, and I hate the original.
Will to Power’s “Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley” top YouTube official music video comments: 1. Looks like a Miami Vice episode. She looks like the misled vixen and he’s the coke dealer with a heart of gold. 2. I totally imagine the dude reading Nietzsche one day, had his mind blown, decided to grow his hair out, get a bike, and record a song about his love of freedom/how he wants a woman who also loves HIS love for freedom. 3. These wrestlers from the 80's can really sing a song! 4. Imagine if today, in 2021, some group did an moderately-slow, indie-pop-sounding medley of Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha" and Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." Having trouble imagining that? How about imagining it going to Number One?
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