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Excited for Justin Vernon to get another invite to the Grammys next year– his favorite place!
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August 3, 2020 on Taylor Swift Becomes First Artist To Debut At #1 On The Album & Singles Charts In The Same Week
Justice for mister Anup Kumar Paul!
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July 31, 2020 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
Machine Gun Kelly making a song referencing My Bloody Valentine is white-on-white violence.
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July 30, 2020 on VMAs Announce First Best Alternative Nominees In 22 Years
Post starting to look like that one Uber driver I had who "found buddhism after a life-changing ayahuasca experience."
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July 30, 2020 on Post Malone And Joe Rogan Investigate Chainsmokers Concert Controversy
This is certainly one of the more specific, hysterical portraits of late capitalism of late.
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July 27, 2020 on NY Health Dept. Will Investigate Chainsmokers’ Dicey Hamptons Concert For FuckJerry Tequila
Legal fight?? Don't know bout you guys, but I'm more than willing to contribute to a Paul Institute Legal Defense Fund at this point in time.
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July 27, 2020 on A.K. Paul – “Be Honest”
Tom really is a major force keeping the Sada Baby Industrial Complex afloat and, for that, I thank him.
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July 24, 2020 on Stream Sada Baby’s New Mixtape Bartier Bounty 2
She loves the Revenant score but couldn’t get Bryce.
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July 23, 2020 on Aaron Dessner Details His Involvement In Taylor Swift’s New Album Out Tonight
The Lodge Room is absolutely sick as hell, and one of the LA venues I'll miss most until we get concerts back. Saw Deerhunter, Charly Bliss, and DIIV there in the span of a year. Now I'm praying that PG plays there when things re-open.
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July 22, 2020 on Perfume Genius Played Fallon From An Empty Venue, And It Ruled
The best part about a Gorillaz collaboration is that you can never say the featured artist "doesn't make sense," because they've made enough space in their universe, creatively, for essentially *anyone* to make sense.
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July 20, 2020 on Gorillaz – “PAC-MAN” (Feat. Schoolboy Q)
I'd argue that Rock Band's culture influence on the youth of the 2000's was an absolute net positive.
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July 16, 2020 on The Replacements Announce Pleased To Meet Me Box Set With 29 Previously Unreleased Tracks
That song is so, so bad. This is so redeeming to hear.
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July 14, 2020 on beabadoobee – “Care”
Upvoted for the most important (correct) placement – La Loose #1! Definitely an outlier stylistically but, for my money, the best melody she's ever written and one of her best vocal performances.
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July 6, 2020 on The 10 Best Waxahatchee Songs
That mbv cover is fucking gorgeous. I didn’t think acoustic covers of their stuff was, like, scientifically possible.
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July 6, 2020 on Watch The Tweedy Family Play My Bloody Valentine, Arthur Russell, & More In Livestreamed Covers Set
TVOTR still best band of the 00s. (Yes even better than *them*, whomever your *them* is.) Song is pretty good! I still think Tunde, Kyp, and Sitek are at the peak of their powers when they play off each other. Hopefully the fact that Tunde is still getting weird with it on his own means they would still have gas in the tank if they put out another record together.
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July 4, 2020 on Tunde Adebimpe – “ReelFeel”
Done. Of course. And if I had to guess, one of these groups has been dying for a tasteful opportunity to bust out "Wolf Like Me."
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June 29, 2020 on Save Stereogum: An ‘00s Covers Comp
Please let the dragonball durag become the new style trend in rap videos. It can be the new ski goggles.
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June 26, 2020 on GuapDad 4000 & Denzel Curry’s “Little Scammer That Could” Is Ridiculously Good
Just so long as he doesn't walk back wanting to write a pro-America version of "Born in the U.S.A." because that's still one of the funniest things ever and I won't be able to talk about it at parties anymore.
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June 25, 2020 on Sammy Hagar Walks Back Comments About Willingness To Die For A Sammy Hagar Concert
Fun fact about the building in the art is they have a glass slide that wraps around the top that you can ride down and it's fun! Sick song too. Kyp's a legend.
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June 25, 2020 on Bent Arcana – “Misanthrope Gets Lunch”
A prominent Black writer wrote an op-ed saying their name was painful to many Black Americans and they should change it. They listened. Is that stupid?
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June 25, 2020 on Dixie Chicks Change Name To The Chicks, Share New Song “March March”
This is up there with the time he said he wish he wrote "Born in the U.S.A." but "the twist I would have put on it would have probably been a little bit more pro-American."
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June 23, 2020 on Coronavirus Won’t Keep Sammy Hagar From Playing Concerts: “I’d Rather Personally Get Sick And Even Die”
I was at the Dallas show where it was clear most of us were pretty lukewarm on it all, but then some chud in the crowd straight-up BOO'd her. Once Danny came out, before starting a single song, he took the time to shame the boo-er, who ended up leaving the venue as everyone cheered. Real solid moment from Danny.
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June 17, 2020 on Ashnikko – “Cry” (Feat. Grimes)
You either a) sing “nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol!" to yourself at random intervals in your day-to-day life or b) have just never heard this album.
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June 5, 2020 on Rated R Turns 20
All great picks. I'll also probably be putting the Bad Bunny album (first of two) in my Top 5. Incredible pop songwriting. Such a great entry-point into the really colorful world of latin trap that's exploded lately.
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June 4, 2020 on Album Of The Week: Run The Jewels RTJ4
Rap game The Spaghetti Incident?
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May 28, 2020 on Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – “1985”