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I do not feel jay z is nearly as good as R.E.M., yah he has some good songs spedifically his older works. Lately i feel as though all he talks about is how hes the greatest rapper of all time, litterally in about 90% of his songs he mentions his greatness. What a fucking undeserved ego. He hasn't for as long as he's been around sold that many albums. When he cracks a 100 million records sold then we'll talk. The biggest outrage to me on this entire list is Beyonce and Sade being so high on the list. Beyonce should be like 90, doesnt deserve such a high spot. Coldplay, don't make me laugh shouldn't even crack the list. Rage against the machine shouldnt be so high either. Outkast is one of the most succesful rap groups of all time how could they live with themselves making Justin Timberlake over them thats rediculous.Tool should appear on there great band. Wheres Warren Zevon I can't believe hes no where on there.
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September 6, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time