I lived in London for a year when I was nine. Pretty sure that's where my chart nerdery comes from. Y'all had Top Of The Pops.
I meant of the core three. Boldy is one of the best rappers in the world right now.
Someone wanted to know whether the guy's story could be a magazine article or a podcast or what, and he paid me to go down and check it out. I dunno if anything bigger is happening with that story.
Yup, thanks, fucked that one up. Fixed now.
Also! I some how missed that Haircut, a band I saw a bunch of times in that same living room, put out a new EP a few weeks ago, and it slaps real hard.
I didn't have a dang internet connection at home until maybe 2005.
That's just how I still think of them!
I shoulda rated "sleepwalk" way higher.
Yeah, Chris was doing this before I was. He is both a friend and an inspiration.
Oh hey the new Tuning album is real good too. I wish I had time to write posts about all the good shit that's out today, but Monday's Number Ones ain't gonna write itself.
Badly wanted to make a FAIM! THEY'RE GONNA LIVE FOREVER! joke in the post but decided it was too stupid.
Oh, and Dwid from Integrity is on a new joint from the Japanese band Creepout.
Also, I don't think I'll have to write a whole post on it, but if you like this album, you'll probably also be into the new EP from the Memphis band Reserving Dirtnaps.
Also, I don't really have time to do a whole post on it because I've got too much else that I still gotta do today, but there's a new Carcass song, and it goes hard.
They dropped a couple songs on Bandcamp but the whole album is new.
I went back and forth a bunch of times on the score. Add it to the playlist if you want.
You try writing as much as I do without fucking a couple things up, you smug piece of shit.
Popular is absolutely the inspiration for this whole column.
would only get a 10 if they figured out how to get a mosh-part breakdown in there.
I meant to give it a 6, sorry for messing up your system vails.
They already did! Three years ago!
I only grade songs that made the top 10, since I figure those are the only ones that had a legit shot at hitting #1.
I like the Poison version better.
Tremors is probably one of the 50 best movie ever made.
I've watched Jim Ross call a lot of wrestling matches.
Couldn't find video of it for Bonus Beats. I think a lot of Office stuff has been taken down from YouTube.
This is no way in tarnation that's the right way to say it. Even if it's technically correct, that's like Americans talking about "dahft poonque"
He stylizes it as "the Kid LAROI." but I sure as hell was not going along with that.
Michael Jackson is dead, and I didn't actively participate in hyping up his new music during his lifetime. It's a little different for me.
I'm just a "using ass"-ass writer. Maybe I'm wrong, but I always thought my big strength as a writer was the conversational-rhythm thing, and I am *definitely* the kind of person who indiscriminately peppers conversations with the word "ass."