I appreciate that putting the score up top is a new-normal thing that's gonna take some adjustment, but I dunno, I like it.
My thinking was: Yeah, OK, that sounds fine.
By "tighten up" you mean "agree with me more because I wrote a book in the '80s"? That's some goofy shit right there.
A perfect piece of music.
Hey, I know someone has been keeping a spreadsheet of all these scores I've been handing out. Could someone link me to it? I could really use some help crunching data.
ok phew, i didn't want beef with a tree.
Just easily bored by middlebrow 70s rock.
I was determined not to fuck the Chets up and I still did smh. But that's one typo. Singular. Now your typo is embarrassing.
Chris can have that one.
I guess since they're Australian it's more like "violent walkabout"
Damn. Rascalz apparently destroyed part of my brain.
I lived in London for a year when I was nine. Pretty sure that's where my chart nerdery comes from. Y'all had Top Of The Pops.
I meant of the core three. Boldy is one of the best rappers in the world right now.
Someone wanted to know whether the guy's story could be a magazine article or a podcast or what, and he paid me to go down and check it out. I dunno if anything bigger is happening with that story.
Yup, thanks, fucked that one up. Fixed now.
Also! I some how missed that Haircut, a band I saw a bunch of times in that same living room, put out a new EP a few weeks ago, and it slaps real hard.
I didn't have a dang internet connection at home until maybe 2005.
That's just how I still think of them!
I shoulda rated "sleepwalk" way higher.
Yeah, Chris was doing this before I was. He is both a friend and an inspiration.
Oh hey the new Tuning album is real good too. I wish I had time to write posts about all the good shit that's out today, but Monday's Number Ones ain't gonna write itself.
Badly wanted to make a FAIM! THEY'RE GONNA LIVE FOREVER! joke in the post but decided it was too stupid.
Oh, and Dwid from Integrity is on a new joint from the Japanese band Creepout.
Also, I don't think I'll have to write a whole post on it, but if you like this album, you'll probably also be into the new EP from the Memphis band Reserving Dirtnaps.
Also, I don't really have time to do a whole post on it because I've got too much else that I still gotta do today, but there's a new Carcass song, and it goes hard.
They dropped a couple songs on Bandcamp but the whole album is new.
I went back and forth a bunch of times on the score. Add it to the playlist if you want.
You try writing as much as I do without fucking a couple things up, you smug piece of shit.
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