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I remember playing this game in my elementary years. In the states we unsurprisingly changed the name to American Eagle.
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October 5, 2012 on Bloc Party – “Kettling” Video
The Story of The Story of Michel & Sven. A laugh riot!
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September 9, 2011 on The Classic Tablecloth Trick Done Perfectly
So, you were into Shia Labeouf when his dad was in his mom
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August 31, 2011 on Amy Sedaris Was On Jimmy Fallon Last Night And It Was Fantastic
I instantly thought the same thing. Make it so Number one.
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July 26, 2011 on Stereogum Presents… STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It
Welcome to the future where everyone's a critic. Zing!
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July 23, 2009 on That’s Your Girlfriend: Katherine Heigl
Come on people we all know that here in the future we eat twix. What it may lack in its ability to stimulate us mentally it makes up for with its ability to freeze time while being eaten.
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July 16, 2009 on Mentos, The FAILmaker
"Rub the wax on with one hand and then wipe it off with the other." "Never let the beams intersect." "You're ending my life smalls.'
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July 11, 2009 on Best New Party Game 5