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I just want to let y'all know my favorite way to watch K-Pop videos. I search youtube for something like "big bang fantastic baby english sub" and click on the ones that have the lyrics in hangeul, romanizations and English translations. A lot of the songs (especially Big Bang and 2NE1) have lyrics that are just as over the top, hilarious, and ridiculous as the videos themselves. I'll give you two examples: 2NE1, "I am the Best". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK3H2X5vESQ&feature=related The repeating line "Ne ga jae il jal na ga" means "I am the best". Each of the verses is just amazing braggadocio, with my favorite lines being "pretending to be an athelete, this slobby clumsy 'playa'/Like you're a flat tire, i'll dump you good for people to see" and the next verse, which starts with "I refuse to be compared, I'm telling you the truth/If we're talking about my value I'm a billion dollar baby!" GD&TOP, "Knock Out". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuLNvN5dLPI The line that TOP repeats "aju ppeog gi ga yo" is translated as "It's a knock out", but this is one of those slang words that has several meanings. I think it can mean "getting drunk" but it also means something like "That girl is a 10" or "this is the best". My favorite lines for GD: "'bling bling bling', I can wear anything I want and still look photogenic." and this gem, the best verse in the song "G-Dragon has come by separating the clouds/Fly super board, beat above Son Oh Gong/My mic is a baton, I'm Napoleon on stage/'and when you see me swags' you wanna be the second Gwon Ji Yong". The first two lines he is comparing himself to the character Son Oh Gong(Sun Wukong), kind of like a Chinese Hurcules, who can fly in the clouds. "Gwon Ji Yong" is G-Dragon's (actual) name. Oh, also, "Yong" means "Dragon" in Chinese Characters, so his stage name G-Dragon is almost a translation of his korean name "Ji Yong". Awesome. TOP's best lines: "My rap is Korea's favorite food/all the youths are copying me" "I'm original, even the corner store's coffee's name is T.O.P." This is a great line, and it's literal, because the most popular iced coffee sold in convenience stores Korea is called T.O.P. GD has a line in his solo song "the Leaders" where he says (in English) "You want fame, playing your stupid little games?/Check out your girl's phone, that's my face on the frame". That one's funny because BigBang has an endorsement with LG phones, so cell phone stores usually have a big cutout of an LG smartphone with BigBang on the screen. TOP's best verse is the last one "I was born with this impressive voice/TOP & GD are like almonds and chocolate/D-D-D-Diplo and our combination/an unrealistic dream of your previous night". Diplo is the American DJ who produced the song.
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