I like this song and it's remarkable how the aesthetic of the group has barely shifted yet feels entirely on-trend. If they do this right, they could prolly be as "big" as they ever were.
Yes!!! Her album was SO good. Stumbled on it by accident a few weeks ago.
I've realized pop punk is the best thing to listen to while exercising, and his album is very good for that. (Minus the dumb skits, though I appreciate his dedication to the blink 182 form) There was an interview with him on one of the CBS shows and he seems to think he's making much better music than he actually is, though.
I'm gonna be very bummed if this somehow unseats Old Town Road's various records, a viral classic that realized how dumb it was and deserves its place in history forever!! (I know that's a long way off, but this thing blew up so stealthily)
Oh, I forgot about that. Landlord hate seems so quaint now.
Has Nathan Williams been outed as a giant piece of shit? Or did he kind of clean up his act after those first few albums? He tried to put a cigarette out on my friend's arm during an interview, but that was pre-King of the Beach.
Do you have a newsletter? I'd love to subscribe. Sincerely.
i was really waiting for something nuts to happen in the middle of one of these songs but nah. i like the wacky vox tho
those nice boys in the Beatles would never say the "f" word!!!
a nice tune but could do without the swear words
Jonny is obsessed with Bjork and it seems like he's trying to sing a bit like her in parts here. I don't hate it, but, huh.
"Elegy to the Void," "Somewhere Tonight," "Rough Song," "Days of Candy," "Beyond Love" — some of my favorite tracks! Weirdly, because they didn't "hit" as hard as Teen Dream or Bloom at release, I find myself returning to them more. TD/B I kind of burnt out on, tbh. (7 is good, too, but I don't revisit it as often.)
Early Fallon performances have been removed from the internet and I'm very upset
we stan a $35,000/yr for primary education queen!!
stereogum stays trying to get me to care... care... care... a-yah about beabadoobee ok maybe it's working
i don't mind the music but these statements are so bucking meek to read
ok i guess i'll finally give maggie rogers a chance
I wouldn’t be surprised if he did worse than this. After Bowling for Columbine and his press appearances we seemed to be enamored by his apparent intelligence. We began to assume there was more to his music and persona than he let on—he was too smart to be as awful as he seemed! That’s the most dangerous type of person: one who is charismatic enough to convince potential skeptics, without even trying, that he’s not dangerous at all, and to assume that he’s dangerous would be an intellectual failure. So. I believe wholeheartedly that he’s a POS.
i like! my only issue so far is a quality of life thing: can you try to implement a "STEREOGUM" link back to the homepage in the header even while you're reading/scrolling? It seems that you have to scroll back up to trigger the reappearance, which is annoying. Other than that, excited for you guys!
finally lana is embracing her strongest asset: her beautiful, strong, chameleonic voice 🙃
I would say one of the most over-hyped—they are of that era, tbh—but all of their albums since 2006 have been pretty universally (and, I'd say, unfairly) panned by critics.
it's made somehow more annoying now that our lives are filled with technology that automatically caps the things
upset that i won't get to see him tour this album. always one of the best shows of the year. but glad he's taking these late night spots as opportunities to flex
love when my two most underwhelming faves link up
kevin morby write a song without the word "momma" challenge
"Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus" gets stuck in my head ALL the damn time. I recently re-listened to the whole album and it's so good, but I'm a Strokes/Julian apologist.
so many great dance albums that i've forgotten since their release this year
I want to love but his voice just does the absolute least for me. Happy to see Hari tho
The lead singer left the band pretty early on. Their follow-up(s?) were good but not quite as sticky as the debut.
the fact that the grip was in the first 10 secs of the vid! amazing
his stage presence is so odd. it makes me feel not good.
It’s crazy to me that la blogotheque is still around, one of the few surviving platforms from the blog rock days
I'm not a huge fan but it's weird that Gus Dapperton hasn't had any write-ups here. The youths love him! I'd actually love to see a good piece of criticism written about him because I think there's a lot to unpack there, good and bad.
i love singing saw and city music and this man needs to stop saying "oh my" or "lord" or "god" in his songs. this is fine i guess?
listen!! they're just earnest GOOD PUNK DUDES OK!!!
did not know who she was until her last single but idk at this rate this might be one of my albums of the year
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