did not know who she was until her last single but idk at this rate this might be one of my albums of the year
if van morrison isn't rich enough to pay his band in down times, he's doing something wrong
ya i tried to fact check that (i'd read that he wasn't on it) but the credits weren't up on allmusic yet so. slopppy
i like but it seems maybe not cool to cheekily brand this cover series as "Covered 19"
that first Beverly album has perfectly fuzzed out guitars that still give me chills. this is groovy, but no chillz
maybe i'm missing something but "already one on the market for hiv/aids that's shown results" ?? do you mean in relation to HIV as comorbidity or in therapy to treat HIV generally? because I wouldn't use "already" to refer to treatment for something that has been prominent since the 80s. that does not portend good things for any kind of COVID19 treatment!
you probably know already but they did this song together!
their usual drummer is based in europe and i love him so i hope he comes back!
i wonder when this was filmed or if Meg has traveled from where Angel was performing? or did Angel move to LA? fun that COVID has made logistics like this something for me to obsess about...
is that Meg from Hand Habits there? loved the performances, makes me so sad he probably won't tour on this album. always a highlight
an easy workaround for this is allowing edits to be made for up to 15 minutes after a comment is posted. if you don't proofread before that, that's on you.
rooting for 'nashe but this is a miss for me
i at one point was a huge menomena fan (and a national fan, too) but i never got into the el vy record, either. just didn't click
this is goooood! it's so nice to see an artist take time to find their groove. could have easily been forced to keep going with the sound of Ratchet and slowly faded away, but instead he's spent years making his own music and finding his way. right on
not fair. that body or that voice. he must choose! having both... that's too much power
you're insisting on objective truth about something that is subjective. we hear the similarities, you don't. it's OK. you don't like gecs and you're not cool with an artist you like being lumped in with them and that's fine. ✌️
thank goodness i'm not the only one who has thought that! also, on a more general point, he seems very tuned into what the kids are doing (even if the music he makes isn't what the kids want) so i'd imagine him being a fan even if there weren't similarities in the music he makes with the Voidz
i bet julian casablancas is mad he's not on this remix album (i'm mad about it, too)
ah, gotcha. thank you! that DOES sound good. and i'm surprised serpentwithfeet hasn't done anything with twigs before this.
first of all: fuck this guy. second: time for adam levine to finally go solo. third: recently spent significant time in a car for the first time in forever and Maroon 5's continued dominance of the airwaves is baffling
he probably correctly assumes that he seems funnier with a messed up mouth
yeah. it wasn't until a few years ago that i started going to YT for music that wasn't music videos
somehow i hadn't seen this video (focused, i guess, on videos of NYC brutality) fuck
What happened to her tearfully quitting music for being a bad influence? I'm happy she is back and glad she got over her guilt, but I feel like that incident hasn't been referenced in her comeback? Or has it and I didn't see it?
damn girls this is the first gaga album i have been fully on board with (ok sorry but i stan Joanne) she did it! yowza
on a few of these tracks, his voice sounds like Devon Welsh—or, I guess, I realize that Welsh sounds like him. and? it's great!
i've discovered through this band that michigan has a lot of folk tales
how have i missed all of these... this is magical
Has Lana ever been on a pole? Anyway, the thing about twigs is that she trained to actually do the thing well. It IS an art when she does it.
also... she ain't
it's an original vid, the ladies are members of his LA cult S.C.I.E.N.C.E.O.L.O.G.Y.
This is exactly how I feel, and I think some of my disappointment comes from discovering Suite I and being so impressed and excited at what was to come. I appreciate her decision to genre hop, but in doing so she doesn't really master any of them. This was a problem with her "Emotion Picture," too, which just felt so cheap and poorly executed in comparison to similar projects by other musicians. I thought Dirty Computer would be a turning point, but it was overlong and suffered from the same lack of cohesion, which is odd when each of her albums strive for a unifying concept. I've really loved her as an actor, though, so I'm glad she's been taking more serious roles there. She's forced to commit in a way that focuses her talents. I do like "PYNK" tho.
all this press has me listening to his first two albums again. i really forgot how beautiful they are—i'd remembered them as much less accessible. i hope he finds a way to marry his old+new sound, though maybe that happens on this record. when i saw his No Shape tour, the songs from the first two albums kinda killed the momentum of the show, which hurts for me to say, because i do love hearing them. also, i had no idea songs from No Shape had overtaken "Queen" in streams, which makes me super happy. there are few artists that i actively root for, and Mike is one of them.
ok talking heads go off
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