keith urban vibes. long-hair aussies gonna long-hair aussie
i totally forgot it was PG week, and here i am wearing my feminem shirt! he's probably the only artist i fanboy over anymore, so excited to listen. PSA the remix of "on the floor" is such a jam.
lyrics in the first half of this track are laughable tough dude shit but the second half goes
i think the lady gaga paper magazine shoot was serving some ARCA realness, tbh
i would like to hear him talk about when the president talks to god on leno. one of the great late night performances. bush was a punching bag but damn it took balls
remember the hives vs the vines? what happened to the vines? humiliated by this face-off?
an old coffee shop coworker of mine used to throw on this band every morning when we'd open up, good memories and good vibes. sad day
curious to see what her next album is like. meme pop only seems to succeed when it comes with a new/unknown personality. she's got talent but i don't necessarily think that talent is songwriting...
hey... at least grimes still be doing grimes
you'd think with the reunion happening people would be picking up on Conor's politics, which have always been super progressive. (he sang about the Socialist Review!) glad someone else remembers this performance. it was huge to me when it happened.
i actually liked her until i went to her residency at the shed and it was the worst performance i've ever seen.
song not bad name just terrible
I've heard a lot of not good things about his mental health, and given those things, the cheesy innocence of "Intentions" really won me over? It's not good, but, IDK. I want him to be OK and to stop listening to Tool
mad at Alex Cameron for making skinny greasy white guys in a-shirts an indie trope
this is the first song of theirs that has really connected with me. "the blood of the man who killed my mother with his hands is in me" — wow.
expect to see him posting a "should i start an onlyfans lol" poll sometime soon
i love the strokes and i love bernie but unless he enlists like, blake shelton, he's not gonna get out more votes. strokes, VW, and bon iver fans are already voting for him. anyway. joke about Julian's politics here.
sounds like a c-side from King of the Beach, which means I don't hate it!!! sorry
this comment section feels like home. i was a senior in high school when Digital Ash/Wide Awake came out, and those albums ushered me into not-quite-adulthood. i spent a lot of nights driving back roads, wishing i had someone with a place out west to tell me "hey, any time." i walked, headphones in, around my middle-of-nowhere campus at 4 AM wishing i could write something that felt as true as Conor's songs. it was a bad ghost to chase and i wrote some pained essays, but that's being young. that's also being 31, i guess, because i still sometimes throw those albums on and stare out at the city and aspire to... something. there is a magic he makes by pairing the melodrama of emo with an unadorned rock/folk sound, i still can't quite wrap it in a bow and pin a word to it, but i'm happy he's surviving and still writing in that way. he seemed to know life before he'd really lived and it's nice that now that life has done a bit of a number on him he's still able to see.
it's nice to see this poor troubled jesus-loving boy having fun and talkin bout how tasty that baldwin booty is
He also was a fat kid and lost a lot of weight. I was just watching some live vids from the Killjoy days and he looked weirdly skinny. As a former fat kid with body image issues that take up so much brain space every day, I'm happy to hear he's doing OK.
Gerard really embracing the comic book lifestyle I guess
she's become a much better performer since new rules blew up!!!!
i hate to say it but this piece is not good and does nothing to explain the appeal of the band to anyone who isn't already a fan
this album is out THIS WEEK? what a beautiful surprise
same. that performance reminded me that he's actually capable of something interesting
either the snl sound is worse than usual or she + the kidz bop band is bad live
there are a lot of nominated things that i genuinely love yet i would be happy if Lil Nas X won everything because, let's be honest, he'll probably never be back here again and his was the most exciting story in music this year. also i love "panini" (been years since i ate one tho)
Lester Bangs up in the SG comments!!!!
he's doing the thing where his aesthetic is interesting and queer and androgynous but his music is bland and derivative. i'm surprised that one of these songs wasn't a big moment like Sign of the Times, which was at least vocally impressive. this is just so flat
seems like hannah diamond maybe hasn't progressed artistically as the rest of the PC Music folks have, these tracks sound like what was interesting maybe 5 years ago? something interesting happens halfway thru on this one but it's a slog to get there
we need to start a campaign to reeducate the youth about Wolf Parade.
Yes! I don't think it's enough to disqualify her altogether, but it def should be noted. What's worse is when I told a 20 y.o. coworker of mine, also a musician, about KP's Macy's lineage, he was just impressed and said "No way! That's so cool." When we like the music these privileged folks are making, we're very likely to just ignore that aspect altogether.
i love that he's acting as advertising for PrEP and it hasn't harmed his image at all, given how awful Gilead is and how much they charge for the pills so that black and poor people, especially in the south, aren't able to afford it. i mean pretty soon the patent will be up and generics will be made available but it's great that his fans, who i'm sure would label themselves as politically-minded and progressive, will continue to support an artist who is essentially shilling (for free, no spon money for him!) for a pharma company
i will respect Sam Smith's they/them personhood but I will not respect his boring, cynical art
you can't have a lil' DP in ya, it's either all or nothing
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