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I just can't understand the mindset of someone who thought that posting a sponsored article on a site primarily geared towards fans of indie rock would work. For better or for worse, the kind of people who frequent Stereogum are the kind of people who would be vehemently opposed to this sort of advertising. But it happened anyway. #BreakFree
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December 13, 2013 on 10 Artists Who Broke Free In 2013
Looking at most publications' AOTY lists, Daft Punk more than falls under the "alt" umbrella.
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December 13, 2013 on Can You Answer These Alt-Rock Jeopardy! Questions?
Or (in reference to your profile picture) the Scissor Sisters. 2004 was a magical place.
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August 24, 2013 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
I'm fairly sure this sort of thing has happened on the last two National albums, and it never feels like they're actually a presence there.
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March 23, 2013 on National’s Trouble To Feature Sufjan, St. Vincent, Sharon Van Etten
Why are their best two albums in the highest two places? Something must have gone wrong at Stereogum this week (yes, it's this joke again. But srsly.)
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March 6, 2013 on Modest Mouse Albums From Worst To Best
Actually, I realised it's probably because it'd be better to have all these songs as MP3s, which would be nice but, given the law, impossible.
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March 1, 2013 on Stereogum Monthly Mix: February 2013
Because that's what I said! (srsly i dont get the downthumbs)
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March 1, 2013 on Stereogum Monthly Mix: February 2013
Moving to Spotify is definitely a good thing, it was a bit pointless limiting it to freely available MP3s as you said.
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February 28, 2013 on Stereogum Monthly Mix: February 2013
Look at Swans all the way down there...
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February 19, 2013 on Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup
How could anyone put At War With The Mystics above Yoshimi? AWWTM is an incredible patchy album, held up by a handful of strong singles (The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song and The W.A.N.D are the undeniably great). Yoshimi's a solid listen all the way through though (closing track aside, maybe), and despite what you think about the pop sound they were going for on the two albums, ranking them that way round seems odd.
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January 16, 2013 on The Flaming Lips Albums From Worst To Best
Just until recently Lambchop was my album of the year (The Seer pushed it down after I realised I'm obsessed with it), so I'm massively disappointed in how little attention its been getting. I think it's more proof of January/February albums being at a significant disadvantage to albums released later in the year.
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December 18, 2012 on Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks Of 2012
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November 28, 2012 on NME’s 50 Best Albums Of 2012
I've never disliked a band as people but liked their music so much.
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November 26, 2012 on WU LYF Break Up
Tame Impala = Rad Rock
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November 26, 2012 on MOJO’s Top 20 Albums Of 2012
Which, if anything, makes the whole 'putting AOTY lists out in November' even more ridiculous. El Camino is objectively from 2011, bending the rules to your own weird system is just dumb.
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November 26, 2012 on MOJO’s Top 20 Albums Of 2012
"So here's the plan. Do what nobody would ever expect us to do: sign up with a major label, even though it goes completely against our ethos. Then, act entirely against the terms of the contract we chose to sign (that went completely against out ethos). Finally, we act surprised/kick up an internet shitstorm when the label inevitably drops us (for acting entirely against the terms of the contract we chose to sign that went completely against our ethos." "That's a cool plan, MC Ride, but why?" "..."
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November 1, 2012 on Death Grips Dropped By Epic
Really, what were they expecting when they signed up to a major label? As cool of an action it is, it seems like they sort of set themselves up for it, and that subtracts from the message.
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October 1, 2012 on Download Death Grips NO LOVE DEEP WEB
But Castlemania and Carrion Crawler were awesome.
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September 8, 2012 on Stream Thee Oh Sees Putrifiers II (Stereogum Premiere)
I know what you mean... as much as I enjoyed Cruel Summer, the amount of synthy/reverb tracks was almost too much. It all blurred into one, long, washed out mix.
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August 29, 2012 on Stereogum Monthly Mix: August 2012
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August 22, 2012 on Grimes – “Genesis” Video
Then you'll be the perfect person to answer my question: what happened to Survival by Muse being the official song of the Olympics and being played at every available opportunity? I don't think I've heard it once.
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August 3, 2012 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Absolutely awful. One of the first deaths amongst classic 90s bands, much too soon.
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July 31, 2012 on R.I.P. Bill Doss (Olivia Tremor Control)
I honestly don't understand why Chris Brown hasn't been collectively shunned by the music community.
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July 31, 2012 on MTV VMA Nominations 2012
Lest we forget Bloodhound Gang's seminal release, Hefty Fine? http://images.uulyrics.com/cover/t/the-bloodhound-gang/album-hefty-fine.jpg
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July 26, 2012 on The 40 Coolest NSFW Album Covers
I can't believe Stereogum missed Supermassive Blackhole off this list, the soundtrack to what was perhaps the greatest game of baseball in Hollywood witnessed this side of Field of Dreams.
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July 24, 2012 on Six More Indie Songs Inspired By Baseball
The Rise and Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall and Fall and Rise of Michael_! XVII: Shut Up, Dude, 20th July 2012 - Things Said in the Heat of The 'Comment'. Coming to a screen near you!
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July 20, 2012 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Because nothing spells fun like being overcrowded in a small tin capsule in the middle of the ocean, hours away from any sort of land!
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July 17, 2012 on Coachella Cruise Rumored
I never realised he was in a cult. Makes it seem so weird that he made some of the most culturally relevant music of the past couple of years, when before that he was entirely seperate from it.
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July 3, 2012 on The End Of Girls, And The Future (And Past) Of Christopher Owens
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July 3, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan