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October 11, 2019 on Watch Big Thief’s Stunning Performance Of “Not” On Colbert
That's not exactly what this article is about but you are correct that "Old Town Road" is a glaring omission, even if it's only adjacent to these sorts of songs, which are mostly self-serious and the opposite of internet-savvy
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October 10, 2019 on The Revolving Door Between Country And Pop Keeps On Spinning
Nah it looks like they mix it up from night to night — they played "Skinny Love" at the prior show
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October 9, 2019 on What A Strange And Beautiful Beast Bon Iver Has Become
The person who is writing it has been on quasi-vacation but it will materialize today, get hype
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October 8, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Lindstrøm On A Clear Day I Can See You Forever
Thanks, that means a lot!
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October 1, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Wilco Ode To Joy
I am one of those people whose life was changed. This is not on that level but it’s the closest they’ve gotten since A Ghost Is Born. Way better than Sky Blue Sky.
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October 1, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Wilco Ode To Joy
I mean... it has to be, right?
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October 1, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Wilco Ode To Joy
We are reviewing the Angel album, trust me
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October 1, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Wilco Ode To Joy
A lot of PEs forthcoming
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October 1, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Wilco Ode To Joy
(I say that as an ignoramus who hasn't even listened to their whole discography but this is the most popular one)
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September 30, 2019 on Something To Write Home About Turns 20
This will not happen until one of two endorsement deals budges: Taylor x Diet Coke or Super Bowl Halftime Show x Pepsi
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September 26, 2019 on Jennifer Lopez & Shakira To Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show
Thanks RJ... FWIW hearing the song made me feel good about it
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September 20, 2019 on New Leonard Cohen Album Thanks For The Dance Out This Fall
I was riding for that album back then though, so the arc is really more of a straight line (unless Tom is all about solo-chek)
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September 16, 2019 on Caroline Polachek – “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings”
I definitely not regret giving it a stronger push in our mid-year list voting. Will have to rectify that at year's end.
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September 16, 2019 on Tyler, The Creator – “A Boy Is A Gun” Video
I dunno if you will see this d-brad but I agree with you, 2014 was not up to par
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September 13, 2019 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week
Looks like his last #1 was "OMG" in 2010 and his last top 10 hit was "Scream" in 2012. He still went top 20 with "Climax" (2012) and "I Don't Mind" (2014), both of which are masterpieces IMO. But the best he could do with 2016's Hard II Love is #32 for "No Limit," which was especially sad because "Crash" from that album was so great.
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September 12, 2019 on For Better Or Worse, Post Malone Sounds Like Right Now
I don't know what you're talking about... ;)
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September 12, 2019 on LOONY – “Dare You” Video
Thanks for clearing that up. I've corrected the post.
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September 9, 2019 on Dean Blunt & Panda Bear Team For New Songs “In Plain Sight” & “Moments”
If they would have released the whole thing all at once with no advance singles people would feel differently about it.
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September 6, 2019 on Sleater-Kinney Still Kick Fucking Ass
Sometimes I get bored of writing this column, but whenever I'm reminded that I can outrage snobs by suggesting I caught some glimpse of a Serious Artiste in a bland pop artist, my passion is reinvigorated
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August 29, 2019 on Shawn Mendes, The Anti-Icon
Oh believe me, I realize
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August 26, 2019 on Uniform, Tomberlin Added To Stereogum’s Hopscotch Show Lineup
Jason Isbell approves
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August 26, 2019 on Uniform, Tomberlin Added To Stereogum’s Hopscotch Show Lineup
We aren't going to keep doing it every time a new song hits #1... this was more to establish that the churn has returned
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August 26, 2019 on Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s “Señorita” Is Now The #1 Song In America
They may be referring to stuff like this:
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August 23, 2019 on Lizzo – “Truth Hurts (DaBaby Remix)”
Personally hoping it's about Kanye
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August 22, 2019 on St. Vincent Credited On New Taylor Swift Album
Someday I should really get into the Weakerthans
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August 21, 2019 on Freezing Cold – “Teenage Insights”
As you know, we at Stereogum respect motherfucking craft
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August 20, 2019 on Album Of The Week: Jay Som Anak Ko
I thought about referencing Blunt but the pile of namechecks was already getting pretty big
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August 15, 2019 on Look Out America, Here Comes Lewis Capaldi
I dunno, if I had written a bunch of classic songs, I imagine I would continue to enjoy performing them to an adoring response from large crowds of people.
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August 14, 2019 on I Am The Champion Of Queen + Adam Lambert
bloc, I used an i,i captain dad joke weeks ago (though admittedly not as refined as yours)
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August 14, 2019 on Justin Vernon Talks Kanye, John Mayer, i,i, & More In New Bon Iver Interview
Tool truly the J. Cole of prog-metal
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August 14, 2019 on Tool Share Fear Inoculum Tracklist
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