Perhaps my followups added a small amount of more sense, comedically?
I didn't mean that we should measure them against each other, but we should measure them against the movement itself. Who stepped up and said and did things when the fire was in the streets?
I meant specifically during and about the protests. That was the moment. Get in front of a live camera and say something honest and off the cuff about the fire going on in the streets. Everything is so measured with her - a prepared Instagram, a typed letter, a symbolic financial gesture. She dines out on a message of Black empowerment and she sat out the actual igniting of the movement. The "Queen" has no clothes.
It's a good thing no one sensible cares about stupid charts when it comes to evaluating art.
I guess I meant that her public voice has been largely absent during this current uprising and this offering isn't enough. A so-so track with Black identity focused lyrics can't make up for that. I might have also said the same if Kenrik dropped a similarly subpar track after sitting out the protests. He continues to hang back quietly.
Too little, too late.
I don't if it's really pandering to just acknowledge fans.. He seems to have some actual contempt. When I saw him live, he hid behind a piano, didn't address the crowd, didn't sing with any effort, didn't play any hits, save one or two in unrecognizable arrangements. When he played Desert Trip in Coachella, he didn't allow cameras on him and his band despite it being an enormous field. I do get the whole temperamental artist thing. But would it kill him to show a little gratitude to the people that paid his salary for decades. He doesn't have to be as generous as Springsteen, but throw us a bone, Mr. Zimmerman.
A bit surprised to see so many so excited about a Dylan album in 2020. Music listening is a zero sum game to me. I feel I'm always missing things and catching up. So any time spent with these dinosaurs means less time with newer artists. I also can't ignore the fact that Dylan has demonstrated repeatedly that he could not care less about his fan base. But to each their own.
Yes! Or the very at least a nice Hard Rock Cafe in Florida. It will probably wind up in some sheik's mansion game room in Dubai.
I've seen this pop up on Twitter. Live Nation is basically setting the terms for the properties they control which is what corporations do. This is probably worth a Stereogum post on its own to discuss.
Well, this is a bummer. He reinvented Prairie Home into something wholly his own for a new generation. It started slow but really found its legs. It does seem a bit odd for APM to be making this decision under the cover of Covid as no one would expect the show to be active currently as is a live show. But to kill it outright with no chance to return once live venue shows do return, just sucks. Hopefully he owns the name or can do something similar under his own name in the future.
Quite a lot of other names in here for a review of an ostensibly solo singer songwriter's album. Any Elliott Smith comparisons at this point are far too premature. In particular equating their chops as a musicians is just crazy if you have actually seen him play - and I bet she would say the same. (I say all this actually enjoying a lot of the record.)
A decent enough vinyl rip is out there....
Well, they say you have your whole life to make your debut album. It's the sophomore follow up that's the tricky one.
That's a good point, and may have a lot to do with it, but the world of 2016 was very different from 2003. TS arguably had more cultural power at her peak than the Chicks did. She chose to play it safe and it is fair to look at the consequences of that.
This a good point that few consider. They should use the park for a food festival that weekend and let the vendors set up and sell their goods, well spaced out.
I don't think anyone could say this stuff here isn't a good thing. A valid criticism may be that she was very late to the whole woke party. She was silent for most of this current fool's presidency, in particular when her voice might have even helped prevent his election.
This is pretty good but I must have Ascension in any mix from this period. Vince Staple's feature on it is pure fire.
Not bad, but feels like a deep album cut rather than the immediacy of the previous Song Machine tracks. I wonder if these will ever all come out as an album or if this project is just designed as loose tracks. A couple of these have been among the best tracks Gorillaz have ever released. At some point there should be a big doorstop of a box containing everything Damon Albarn has put out over his lifetime. He's nearly peerless in his ratio of breadth, quantity and quality.
An unfortunate individual outcome actually underscores that no matter what is done with the wider population there will always be individual exceptions. Just know that not everyone feels the same as you. There are different ways to evaluate and mitigate risk on individual and population levels.
I live here
Yes, we get that you are 100% in support of everything, everywhere. The only dismissing going on is by you of any legitimate questions as to how things might have been handled differently or asking for accountability when predictions where so far off-base, needlessly causing financial, medical and mental harm to millions. I don't seek information from supermarket magazines like Forbes, but from academic sources like Pubmed or Medrxiv.
I've seen this, I just look at proportions. Testing in CA is spiking. Anyone in LA can get a test, they have a damn drive thru at Dodger stadium. Meanwhile hospitalizations are down and a plan for opening schools is circulating. We are a state of 40 million.
Sorry to hear this. I hope she gets good medical care from cardio specialists.
You are right in that the majority of scientists did support the extreme tactics and extreme predictions. Most won't look into it, all and if they do think otherwise, won't speak out. Off Guardian has a good repository of real scientific papers if you are interested. You seem less threatened by differing views than some here.
This message would have been better coming out of almost anyone else's mouth. The right will just weaponize these kind of messages as the old Hollywood elites coming out against them and their base will fall for it again.
I'm looking backward at what has been predicted and what has actually come to pass, particularly in California. Legitimate academics and scientists have been writing and publishing on questions about how all this is being handled the whole time. But you've made up your mind that what you have heard is infallible, so no worries.
But if we don't get that "2nd wave", will we hear that they were wrong about it? Or will it quietly go away? Or will the goal posts be moved to justify calling something a "2nd wave"? You are getting an interesting point - the sudden shifts in guessing at the causes and effects of this thing - now you can't get it off surfaces, now it's going from respiratory to vascular - kind of underscores experts are merely figuring it out as they go.
The degree to which you are being downvoted for this rather sensible comment suggests you touched a specific nerve in many. Good job!
Epidemiologists are in the worst case doomsday prediction business, so this is not surprising. They hide behind "models" and tow the party line together. Then later they make no retractions over how off some of their extreme predictions were. Some of these other categories are revealing about this group - 42% won't shake a long time friend's hand or go out on a blind date with someone until next year? 36% won't even get their mail this summer? This is who we are listening to. Meanwhile we were over 30,000+ strong marching shoulder to shoulder in Hollywood yesterday. Let's see how they spin that when they all don't suddenly drop dead in exactly 14 days.
He should chip in and be an advocate for the rebuilding of destroyed small stores like Japan LA on Melrose who may not have his bank account.
This is the file transfer protocol joke I was looking for. Only took about a dozen comments to get it. Clearly these kids haven't built websites the old fashioned manual way. Also would have accepted a Foster The People joke.
Wow what is going on in that cover artwork
I gotta give her credit for finding new, inventive ways for people to find her annoying.
Well, yeah. But this is a pretty killer group (with a couple of obvious garbage ones) besides their law troubles. I'm just saying that the two I mentioned would be a small blip on the rap radar for their music alone. LA is looking for its next heir to the throne after But it ain't these two, despite how much Passion of weiss writers may want them to be.
This isn't terrible, but if we're honest, Drakeo (and Greedo) get a lot more ink, particularly locally, because of their imprisonments than their music alone might otherwise merit.
Hi! If you go past yet another misleading Stereogum bait headline, you will find in fact nothing has been canceled at this point. This a report of contingency planning, which any big business does. All I know is that at present, the production is in place to go ahead in October and would be surprising/disappointing if it were canceled (I am not alone in this feeling among many others in the local area).
Seems like a good time to be reminded that just 15% of the U.S. and 5% of the world are on Twitter. Twitter is not the world.
Not only will this festival happen next year, but Coachella will happen this very October.