This is not a bad take at all. But I'll raise you with an even worse take for kicks: he's overrated. Or, rather, overpraised. He has about two dozen all-time, god-tier pop songs, mostly with Beatles (no doubt with heavy input from George Martin), but many, many more middling, even mediocre songs.
The quality of the songs has never been in question. The production and the arrangements on these new ones on the other hand....
"I was just minding my own business, my fans brought this up!"
She was careful. Careful to be sure to include that name to inflame that ongoing disinfo campaign.
That's not a bad idea actually - give CSH the budget and producers to make their Everything Now and see what happens.
Dexter's left foot is clearly breaking the 6-foot boundary--alert the authorities.
They were never cool, and he looks like a fool wearing it, as if he is making some kind of clever commentary.
Hard to believe Kevin would be involved with this. They may have just licensed the artwork from the labels. Also they missed the best MBV cover (You made me realize ep):
If that line is a revelation to you, wait until you hear about this cool genre called "ska" that predates both bands.
Sounds like you have it all figured out. What's your take on why California has about 20,000 cases/600 deaths with a population of 40,000,000+?
Next up: Jamie Dornan Addresses Backlash to “Imagine” Video Backlash Video Backlash.
I've never been a huge fan, but I gotta hand it to this guy - he knows exactly who he is, and he knows exactly who his fans are, in a rare way.
I don't blame them for riding this thing until the wheels fall off. Or at lease as long as festivals want them. But how often do you listen to anything after RTJ2? It's pretty obvious their returns are diminishing.
The country is hurting and he drops this useless piece of shit from his pedestal. This is a man who just does not give a fuck. He only seems to reemerge to remind us of that and then disappears again. Hopefully people will stop worshiping this clown finally.
RTJ is a great project that should have had a planned end point to keep it from being watered down. Kind of like a limited TV series that gets it's desired ending instead of being abruptly canceled.
Here's a better recent example of this sort of deconstruction of musical greatness, using an actually good, classic song
Right, but in these clips, he is trying to make a case that a song is effective objectively, almost mathematically, the complete opposite of subjective taste.
Great timing to remind us how useless celeb profile shit is, not only in these dark times, but always have been. Writers who peddle this stuff who often are Extremely Online and write for prestige outlets have gotten a pass. They act ironic and aware and above it all. When in fact they are part of the problem. Nothing but People magazine trash peddlers with higher word counts. Fuck off.
Best thing going in LA right now. Pretty impressive how quickly and easily they evolved their sound from their debut LP.
The sheer hubris of these rich assholes thinking this garbage does anything for us in these hard times. We're being mocked to our faces.
Wow, no idea what to make of this. It's definitely slick and catchy. It really seems like they are going with straightforward songs on this LP. (Could it be that samples are getting too hard to clear?) I'm here for anything Avalanches want to do but my favorite of their cuts are the ones that feel like a psychedelic sample mashup party with killer breaks and fades and key changes.
Just saying it is uncommonly prophetic to have posted that a week ago, when ostensibly the news of KD was unknown. One can jump off from that basic point to a number of directions and depths, depending on much reign one allows themselves to imagine different possibilities. Me, I'm just waiting to hear who the other 3 Nets players are, now days later. It shouldn't be that hard when there are just 12 people on a team.
He often does, generally, but the alignment of these words and images are reeeeeally on the head.
Nice. RIP Gary. "Whatcha talkin bout" can apply to a lot of things these days.
Sorry, I know! Just can't help but try to read into things and ask questions.
So he put up these photos and ominous captions out there one week ago? Gimme a break.
As a member of our ruling elite celeb overlords, I'm pretty sure he's feeling fine.
"In my defense, your Honor, the Plaintiff knew I was human garbage when they decided to go into business with me."
Thanks, this will fix everything.
Fuck giving any of these organizations any of our money. The governments of the world can cover the tab for this mess with our taxes.
There is definitely a hint of castration in that phrase. Kind of the shadow to the hanging salamis on Haim's upcoming album cover. Speaking of PTA.
"I’m seeing lots of get togethers and hangs and parties still happening. " LOL
Don't disagree with any of this, I'm just saying that in the case of just the Beatles it's enough already. They're great. We know. It's kicking a dead horse; there's nothing new there.
If you can't see that this endless churning out of Beatles worship product is largely by the Boomer generation, then I can't help you. Jackson is 58, at the tail end of the Boomers. Why can't he do a doc on Flying Nun Records or something else new and local to NZ?
The Beatles ended 50 years ago. Let it go already, boomers.
I agree. Let's not forget their 3rd member!
I saw this headline and thought this is the kind of tour that won't bother coming to LA. Open the post and confirmed. (They can bill it however they want but everyone knows who's really headlining here.)