The financial reality is movies need stars to open the box office and recoup millions before any profit. You can't plug in a relatively unknown Black actor who bears a closer resemblance and expect big box office returns. Saldana was in the biggest movie of all time and a regular in comic book movies. So the correct answer here is probably to have made no movie.
This case is not even close to Mickey Rooney or Ben Stiller's absurd costumes. The quality of the movie is not a factor as casting precedes the execution; no one sets out to make a bad movie. Really though the family should have retained casting approval before cashing out her life rights.
Those early lockdown streams of him doing DCFC requests and choice covers really does feel like a lifetime ago. Those still might be the best at-home broadcasts out of all once since. (Sounds like a fun list to make; get on it Stereogum.) I don't think anyone went as long and as varied as he did. I was never really a huge fan but he won me over.
It is documented that every 1% increase in unemployment translates into 40,000 related deaths. Stats on suicides from depression and medically preventable deaths during the shutdown are trickling out and the medical literature will address this, if allowed. 1.5% is the current percentage of positive tests in the U.S. 4.8 million positives out of the 380 million population 3% of those 1.5% may die. (Herd immunity does not factor in currently and is not being counted on.) Considering this, the quickness with which you and many like you demand that the vast majority who will never get this thing to completely dismantle their lives is baffling. But I can't say I blame you since the media has inflamed this thing out of all proportion. You would think California has bodies piling up in the streets they way it is reported here, but it's 9,000 deaths in a population of 40 million (0.0002%). So when people want to get on with their lives (terribly, but understandably exemplified by this shitty rave) this is the statistical context to bear in mind.
I am curious: are you as angry over the actual thousands of deaths due to unemployment, suicide, delayed medical treatments, etc, resulting from lockdowns, as you are about a prospective 1.5% chance your mother may get this thing?
"I wrote the song to process ways in which I’ve used people’s assumptions about me and my body to wield my own version of toxic masculinity" ??? Not sure what this means, but going to have to cancel her just in case.
That's a small "c" in "cardigan". She has freed herself -- shaken off, if you will -- the oppression of capital letters that symbolizes hegemonic masculinity rampant in society.
Is this also the first #1 titled after a product for sale in the singer's official store.? Which came first--the song title or the sweater to sell? It's like the chicken and the egg!
Album of the year. I mean, it could be. But... white guys... playing guitars... album of the year... in 2020...?
Never mind Tenet, this will get me back into a movie theater when it opens.
I was waiting the inevitable dark twist in this story, but this somehow seems wholesome? I mean, apart from Tiktok mining users personal data for China (kidding haha). But good for Sales, get that coin.
hey, laura viers fans -- taylor swift is what a profitable corporation actually is.
It's essentially virtue signaling. No one is demanding this. They know streaming pays jackshit and no one is buying any Avi physical product today. And they actually may be depriving the victim of a few bucks as she played on those early records.
If you are seeking excruciating details and not vague statements, might I recommend the post below this one?
At this point you may as well spin off a new Stereogum vertical dedicated to cataloging deviant behavior in the industry. Seems there's no dearth of daily content.
There are no coincidences. . . (You must admit this particular synchronicity is rather insane! )
So great. There's a lot of good singer songwriters going today, but very few, if any, can touch Angel's level of spellbinding using just a voice and a guitar.
Back cover of her June 2019 album. Note typewriter model and initial letter As. Covid genome: Scroll down to the final sequence.... aaaaaaaaaa
You mean "soy boy"? I didn't think of it as a slur or it is literally connected to a plant based diet (which I support). I think of it more as a ridiculous Portlandia-esque parody of a certain type of dude. Which, admit it, you can probably clearly visualize with just those 2 words?
You should re-read my comment and the comment I was responding to. I am not saying assault didn't always exist. What I am saying is that a blanket assumption that *all bands* are committing assault and using that assumption to keep you from ever elevating *any band* is depressing. THAT'S the depressing thought - keeping one fulling buying into any band out of a fear they might one day prove to be bad people. I'll stick with my longtime heroes that have no dirt on them, and keep looking for new, young heroes. I'll leave the assumptions of unknown misdeeds to you guys.
They had a brief moment in LA. "What's in it for?" was everywhere. There was this weird disconnect between what they looked like (small and young) and what they wrote about and sounded like. It's not entirely surprising to learn that the main man was a deviant.
Cowards. Have some heroes. Real heroes, not this piss weak indie shit like Avi. If they turn out to be bitches or bastards, dump them and find another.
There's an idea in here. Somewhere. It's probably more the deceptive ally soy-boy type rather than the MRA/incel type that is most pernicious in this particular lower strata of the "indie" world.
Unfortunately this asshole's strongest play if he wants to refute this is probably to sue her for breach and defamation.
So you just assume some bands are led by rapists in every era? And that possibility keeps you from holding any artist up on a pedestal? That's a depressing thought.
Yeah, they probably were stretching the social distancing boundaries. It's gonna happen. It was primarily a select 0:02 clip that the online mob used to form the firm opinion that everyone in attendance was willfully committing a murder suicide. It's like, come on.
I do hate that it's Chainsmokers in this incident, but at some point we have to realistically look at the percentages and make decisions, both for "essential" services and leisure and entertainment. The whole "we're all gonna die" hysteria has got to die down.
I'm no fan of these bros, but it's clear that contempt for Chainsmokers is being disguised as concern for health and well being. The reality is that indoor retail and outdoor dining in many places has moved well past "essential" and inching closer to business as usual. Just because the artists in this particular incident are annoying doesn't mean there is any additional inherent risk than those other activities.
Don't tell these hysterical Twitter doomsdayers what thousands of (indoor) Walmarts, Targets, Home Depots, Costcos, etc, across the country look like on a daily basis. Their heads may explode.
She got shot in both feet? And both times they missed bones? All things considered she's pretty lucky on that count.
Good man. No matter the lineage, this album is a nonstarter. It's like if Paul Thomas Anderson made a movie starring Kim Kardashian. "Yes, her whole career is garbage, but she's really good in this, you'll like it!!!" Pass.
Some might say defending the 1st or 2nd (?) biggest female artist on the planet is an odd hill to die on.
Finally some natural cynicism in this fan club of a comment section.
No, cynical is releasing 16 (!) distinct pieces of product - 8 "deluxe" CDs and LPs - to milk fans' wallets. Also, stretching the credits of the video beyond the creative roles to include producers to be able to show a couple of women's names could be seen as cynical.
"...a culture built on pedophilic tendencies and teenage fetishization, allowing predators access to the thousands of teenagers ..." How many other companies and industries could this description apply to...? Let's keep taking them down, one by one.
At this point, it's probably a bigger story to note when she is NOT on some media outlet promoting her record.