This current run of Gorillaz tracks is pure fire, as they say. And he's still got a Tame Impala collab track yet to drop. Song Machine's shaping up to be the 3rd best Gorillaz LP if the back half can at least match this quality.
I think I can say we'll all sleep better tonight knowing this national nightmare has ended.
Now THIS will unite us in these trying times.
I suspect this is some kind of act, some character. This is NOT to give this clown any credit. He's probably not some kind of provocateur like Andy Kaufman; he may not even be in on the joke. But someone in his circle definitely is and sets these situations up. It just seems too easy (or sad) to write off as mental illness. But toward exactly what purpose, to what end it all is, is the question.
Maybe you haven't noticed... but all these fools are very wealthy. Like very very wealthy. So you can stop wasting god's time with prayers for them.
As most seem to think, a welcome, smart move. Picking apart the bad parts of RHCP (eg, 75% of their discography) is like shooting fish in a barrel and comedy is better when punching up. I wonder if revisiting Kiedis's autobio played a part in reconsidering. There is some dark stuff in there that can't really be joked about easily.
Do you keep a list of artists' BDS comments at your finger tips? Is it a little laminated card? Or perhaps a Google sheet being continually updated?
This is a plan I can get behind. Even if it's a train wreck, it would probably be more interesting than either of these artists individually.
Those have moments, but I think the London Years collectively are superior to all of those. You can take the best songs from those 4 albums, cut the huge amount of filler, and make one great record. Or maybe one decent double album. (I don't think this is a very controversial opinion.)
Nah. But let me help you out:
It's quite a cynical tactic to tie the payment for the name rights to a required donation to a charitable cause.
Opportunists all around here. Enough already. Lady A the band should just create a new name and rebuild. Let Lady A the person keep her name and continue her career with her tunes barely cracking 4 digits in streams. If neither of them has much future success, they can think about how this might have gone differently to benefit both sides.
Did the 2 or 3 records following their debut not change your mind a little bit?
"I had suggested on the Zoom call that they go by the Band Lady A, or Lady A the Band, and I could be Lady A the Artist, but they didn’t want to do that" This sounds like a person that either isn't getting good advice or is pretty clueless if these were thought to be viable solutions.
When you're 77 and you have a 3 year old kid maybe it's time to stop fucking?
Imagine still giving a shit about the Stones in 2020. It's been all downhill since the London Years ended... FIFTY YEARS AGO.
What a patronizing response. "I took 6 years and it's 2.5 hours but I couldn't find a way include slavery". Sure buddy. Lin Manual has always been a corporate clown. He comes from a well connected political family and is persona non grata in Puerto Rico for supporting privatization that has hurt many. See:
This is stupid of course. But also stupid is the concept of "superspreading" events. This whole thing has completely broken the scientific distinction between correlation and causation.
Great cans but the ear cups never really get more comfortable and eventually dry out and crumble. You might try the replacement ones made for Sennheisers.
Thank you for informing us, Kacey and Ruston.
All these ridiculous "solutions" only aim to benefit higher tier artists that can play large venues and the corporate promoters that control these large venues. These groups can weather these times better than most. Wake me up when there are ideas to support smaller bands and smaller venues.
She's great, one of the best going in LA. I wish she would drop the silly band names and put out music under her own name. I bet she would get more recognition alongside all the other excellent singer songwriters going today.
It's not that she wouldn't believe it, but that she would just not make public comments unless the climate was right for it to not affect her brand adversely. Clearly now it is safe and fashionable to show support. (This is not unique to her and I do think it's a smart move.)
I see a small difference but both points stand - what is said and how it is presented to media outlets for public consumption.
I'm fine with being called cynical, if you're OK with being called naive. Do you honestly think someone worth half a billion dollars doesn't run their public stances through advisors?
Do you see strawmen everywhere or just here? I withheld any opinion or judgement. There is a trap waiting for men that come out as enthusiastic supporters or women who come out as critical of these sort of decisions.
Her PR team is doing a great job repositioning her in the marketplace as woke.
This is the same guy that thinks slavery was a choice, right?
Marketable symbolic gestures are much easier than doing the hard work of real lasting change.
This is a good example of the delusion of Haim fans in laughably equating them to 20+ year bands like Phoenix or New Pornos. Phoenix are festival headliners with about 10 absolute smash singles and New Pornos have one of the deepest singer songwriter backcatalogs of any active bands.
You can now add "appeared topless in Playboy" to the laundry list of promo she's done for the new album. I'll be curious to see how this one is spun around here.
Gotta love Apple playing catch up and touting it as innovation. "Spatial audio" is a software effect that high end Android has had in the form of a DTS:X setting at least 2 generations ago. Also Samsung Galaxy Buds (which had auto device switching on day 1) smokes the overall sound of Airpods for a lower price.
Upvoted mostly for the unexpected twist in this comment to a Jolly Bee recommendation. (I agree Apple gear is overpriced but Macbooks and iPads are solid hardware and worth it when found on deep discount.)
Or a shirt
I mean, the chart is a good excuse to write something about a pop song. Just the #1 number ranking itself is pretty meaningless.