Craig Scheihing

Free Cake For Every Creature – “Talking Quietly Of Anything With You” Video

From a young age, we're taught that the shy ones are the ones with the least amount of power. But as we get older, we…
James Rettig | March 29, 2016 - 5:57 pm

Girlpool – “Magnifying Glass” Video

Only Girlpool could put out a 40-second video that is still completely essential viewing. The "Magnifying Glass" video was created by Craig Scheihing, and it…
Caitlin White | June 23, 2015 - 2:07 pm

Hop Along – “Powerful Man” Video

Hop Along released their excellent new album, Painted Shut, today, along with this animated video for the single "Powerful Man." Painted Shut spews instrumental pop…
Gabriela Tully Claymore | May 4, 2015 - 1:19 pm