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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Chris already wrote some words about Macklemore's mind-boggling new "Downtown" video. That's good, because my writeup of it would pretty much just be: "Umm... like...
Tom Breihan | August 28, 2015 - 3:41 pm

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Eagles Of Death Metal Are Scoring Super Troopers 2

Eagles Of Death Metal will score Super Troopers 2. The forthcoming movie was directed by Jay Chandrasekhar's (The Dukes Of Hazzard, Beerfest), and it follows…
Gabriela Tully Claymore | June 8, 2017 - 5:58 pm

Kesha Recorded Two New Songs With Eagles Of Death Metal

Back in 2013, hedonistic pop queen Kesha got together with the Flaming Lips to record Lip$ha, a full collaborative album. For reasons that presumably had…
Tom Breihan | May 31, 2017 - 1:03 pm

Dave Grohl Hits The Studio With Josh Homme And Jesse Hughes

Earlier this week, we learned that Dave Grohl was planning to perform at the Grammys. That's pretty normal! He's always performing at the Grammys! This…
Tom Breihan | February 3, 2017 - 10:12 am

Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes Slapped With Restraining Order Over Death Threats, Voodoo Doll

Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes hasn't exactly been playing nice as of late, first drawing controversy for insinuating that the Bataclan staff were…
Pranav Trewn | January 17, 2017 - 3:10 pm

Watch The Trailer For Colin Hanks’ Eagles Of Death Metal Documentary

Colin Hanks has directed a documentary about the Bataclan terrorist attack called Eagles Of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends) that will air on 2/13…
James Rettig | January 13, 2017 - 1:15 pm

Eagles Of Death Metal Thrown Out Of Bataclan Reopening

Ninety people were killed last year when armed terrorists stormed the Bataclan during an Eagles Of Death Metal concert. Tonight, it reopened, with Sting performing
Peter Helman | November 12, 2016 - 7:18 pm

Eagles Of Death Metal’s Friend Colin Hanks Directing Bataclan Attack Documentary

Almost exactly a year ago, Eagles Of Death Metal's concert at the Paris concert hall Bataclan was the site of a horrific terrorist attack that…
Chris DeVille | November 2, 2016 - 4:07 pm

French Festivals Drop Eagles Of Death Metal Because Of Frontman’s Terrorism Comments

Eagles Of Death Metal have been dropped from two French music festivals following frontman Jesse Hughes' comments to right-wing magazine Taki's about how he saw…
James Rettig | May 20, 2016 - 12:04 pm

Ear Chewed Off At Eagles Of Death Metal Show

A brawl broke out at an Eagles Of Death Metal show at Toronto's Opera House over the weekend after one man bumped into another during…
Gabriela Tully Claymore | May 10, 2016 - 3:03 pm

Watch Eagles Of Death Metal Introduce Their Line Of Bouncy Houses On Conan

It'll probably be a while before we can really think about Eagles Of Death Metal and laugh, but they're trying. Not long ago, the band…
Tom Breihan | April 29, 2016 - 11:21 am

Watch Eagles Of Death Metal Play “Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)” On Conan

Post-tragedy and post-controversy, Eagles Of Death Metal are back to some kind of normalcy, which last night entailed performing a track from their album Zipper
Chris DeVille | April 15, 2016 - 10:24 am

The Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti & Nick Valensi Feat. Beck – “I Love You All The Time” (Eagles Of Death Metal Cover)

Eagles Of Death Metal are still going with their "I Love You All The Time" campaign, in which various different artists are covering their song,…
Tom Breihan | March 18, 2016 - 12:00 pm

Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman Suggests Bataclan Security Was In On Paris Attack

It can't be easy to get your head around the idea that so many of the people who came to see your band one night…
Tom Breihan | March 10, 2016 - 9:29 am

Eagles Of Death Metal Make Emotional Return To Paris With Josh Homme

Eagles Of Death Metal's last show in Paris was tragically cut short when terrorists stormed the Bataclan concert hall and opened fire, killing 89 people.
Peter Helman | February 16, 2016 - 8:39 pm

Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman Jesse Hughes Says Having More Guns May Have Prevented Paris Terror Attack

In November, as Eagles Of Death Metal were performing at the Paris venue the Bataclan, terrorists burst into the show and killed 89 people. The…
Tom Breihan | February 16, 2016 - 10:25 am
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