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Status Ain't Hood

The Griselda Goon-Rap Renaissance

There's no Griselda Records starter pack, no canonical classic to lure you in. That's not how the Buffalo rap crew does business. Instead, there's a…
Tom Breihan | September 23, 2020 - 11:18 am

Status Ain't Hood

Westside Gunn Isn’t Underground Anymore

Last year, the Griselda Records guys couldn't get on a Dreamville compilation. Early in 2019, J. Cole put together an impressive roster of rappers and…
Tom Breihan | April 22, 2020 - 12:47 pm

Status Ain't Hood

The Griselda Crew Are Your Ugly Neck-Jerk Winter Rap Soundtrack

Toward the end of WWCD, the new album from the Buffalo rap crew Griselda, there's a moment where Benny The Butcher gives his whole superhero…
Tom Breihan | December 4, 2019 - 12:00 pm

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Stream Benny The Butcher’s New Album Burden Of Proof

These days, Griselda Records, the Buffalo rap crew and label, is on an absolute roll. There's a huge audience for intense and artful versions of…
Tom Breihan | October 16, 2020 - 9:54 am

Stream Westside Gunn’s Extremely Hard New Album Who Made The Sunshine

Griselda Records, the Buffalo rap crew and record label that specializes in a tasteful and artistic take on face-slashing goon music, has had a busy
Tom Breihan | October 2, 2020 - 10:57 am

Stream Armani Caesar’s Hard-As-Hell Griselda Debut The Liz

The Buffalo rap label and crew Griselda Records has been on an absolute tear lately, carving out a mainstream-adjacent space for raw and guttural '90s-style…
Tom Breihan | September 18, 2020 - 1:12 pm

Stream Boldy James’ Lovely, Desolate Griselda Debut The Versace Tape

One of the great stories in rap music this year is Boldy James, the hard-nosed and craggy voiced Detroit underground rapper who has hit some…
Tom Breihan | August 14, 2020 - 11:08 am

Conway The Machine – “Lemon” (Feat. Method Man)

All this year, the Buffalo rap crew Griselda has been on an absolute tear. Consider the work of the relentlessly cold Conway The Machine. Thus…
Tom Breihan | August 6, 2020 - 10:16 am

Benny The Butcher – “Deal Or No Deal”

Last year, the harder-than-concrete Buffalo rapper Benny The Butcher, one of the key members of the Griselda Records crew, released his EP The Plugs I
Tom Breihan | July 7, 2020 - 2:04 pm

Stream Westside Gunn’s New Mixtape Flygod Is An Awesome God II

Along with the rest of the Buffalo rap crew Griselda, Westside Gunn has been on a huge upward trajectory lately. Last year, Griselda released WWCD,…
Tom Breihan | July 3, 2020 - 10:30 am

Stream Westside Gunn’s New Album Pray For Paris

At the end of last year, the hard-as-hell Buffalo rap crew released their major-label debut WWCD and began their transition from underground sensation to something…
Tom Breihan | April 17, 2020 - 10:18 am

Stream Conway The Machine & The Alchemist’s LULU EP

Veteran rap producer the Alchemist has been making truly incredible rap music for a very long time, and every time he hunkers down with a…
Tom Breihan | March 30, 2020 - 10:30 am

Conway The Machine & The Alchemist – “Shoot Sideways” (Feat. Schoolboy Q)

Conway The Machine is maybe the straight-up hardest rapper in Griselda, the surging Buffalo rap crew currently resurrecting the bloodthirsty spirit of late-'90s street rap.
Tom Breihan | March 25, 2020 - 10:58 am

Conway The Machine – “Sign Language”

Last year, after years of waiting, the hard-as-hell Buffalo rap crew Griselda finally dropped their Shady Records debut WWCD. It was remarkable how little they'd…
Tom Breihan | February 10, 2020 - 9:41 am

Watch The Strange Spectacle Of Griselda Performing Hard-Ass Drug-Rap On Fallon

Last year, the grimy and guttural Buffalo rap crew Griselda -- the team of Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny The Butcher -- finally…
Tom Breihan | January 24, 2020 - 9:40 am

Griselda – “Dr Birds” Video (Dir. Hype Williams)

You could make a strong argument that Hype Williams is the greatest music video director who has ever lived. He is, at the very least,…
Tom Breihan | January 9, 2020 - 10:19 am