John Dwyer

Oh Sees – “C”

Soon enough, Oh Sees are releasing yet another new album, Smote Reverser. It's the first we've heard from John Dwyer's San Francisco band of wizards…
James Rettig | June 21, 2018 - 4:51 pm

Oh Sees – “Overthrown”

It's been five months since anything came out under one of the Oh Sees' many names, which means that John Dwyer has been slacking, at…
James Rettig | May 21, 2018 - 5:37 pm


Damaged Bug – “Pilot’s Pipe”

John Dwyer, the ever-prolific mind behind psych-rock institution Thee Oh Sees, released three diverse studio albums last year under three different names. Orc marked Oh…
Julia Gray | January 25, 2018 - 11:19 am

Oh Sees – “Dead Medic” & “A Few Days Of Reflection”

John Dwyer's ever-morphing rock project released two new albums last year, one as Oh Sees (Orc) and another as OCS (Memory of A Cut Off
James Rettig | January 2, 2018 - 3:10 pm

Oh Sees – “Drowned Beast” Video

John Dwyer's frequently-name-changing project Oh Sees (or Thee Oh Sees, or OCS, or whatever) put out a new album called Orc a few months ago,…
James Rettig | December 11, 2017 - 4:04 pm

Hear Marc Maron Interview Oh Sees’ John Dwyer On WTF

The comedian and podcaster Marc Maron is one of our great interviewers, and he never sound more excited than when he gets to sit down…
Tom Breihan | November 9, 2017 - 9:28 am


Stream Damaged Bug Bunker Funk

"The world is dying oh my god/ To be alive right now is such a gas." If there was any way to describe 2017 so…
Kim Ilkowski | March 8, 2017 - 9:44 am


Thee Oh Sees – “You Will Find It Here”

Psychedelic workhorses Thee Oh Sees are following their Album Of The Week-winning A Weird Exits with a companion LP called An Odd Entrances. Earlier this…
Bruce Hamilton | October 27, 2016 - 9:07 am

Damaged Bug – “Smoggy Terminus”

Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer fronts a side project called Damaged Bug, and later this month his label Castle Face is putting out a tarot…
Gabriela Tully Claymore | September 15, 2016 - 11:57 am

Damaged Bug – “The Mirror”

John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees has a synthesizer side project called Damaged Bug -- this guy is good at naming bands. (See also: Coachwhips,…
Caitlin White | March 24, 2015 - 2:44 pm

Damaged Bug – “Photograph”

With Thee Oh Sees on hiatus, at least for now, frontman John Dwyer is busying himself with a new weirdo-synth solo project that he's calling…
Tom Breihan | February 3, 2014 - 12:39 pm

Damaged Bug – “Eggs At Night”

Bay Area garage-psych greats Thee Oh Sees aren't breaking up, but they did recently announce a hiatus. Frontman John Dwyer, however, has spent the past…
Tom Breihan | January 7, 2014 - 12:58 pm