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Super-Connected: Belly, Buffalo Tom, Juliana Hatfield, Letters To Cleo, & The Boston Scene Then & Now

"I'm not sure whose water this is," says Gail Greenwood right before taking a swig from a bottle she found on the stage of the…
Michael Tedder | April 26, 2017 - 1:29 pm


10 Artists Who Broke Free In 2013

This post is presented by Virgin Mobile who encourage you to #BreakFree.
Stereogum | December 11, 2013 - 4:33 pm


Op-Ed By Juliana Hatfield: “I Want Heidi Fleiss To Get Well … But I Don’t Think Celebrity Rehab Is The Solution”

This week saw the premiere of Dr. Drew Pinsky's celebreality phenomenon Celebrity Rehab's third season. It is precisely what its title promises: a reality show
Juliana Hatfield | January 11, 2010 - 5:57 pm

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Juliana Hatfield – “Physical” (Olivia Newton-John Cover) Video

Three years after starring opposite John Travolta in Grease, Olivia Newton-John released "Physical," the title track from her twelfth studio album. It became the British-born…
Chris DeVille | March 1, 2018 - 12:11 pm

Juliana Hatfield – “A Little More Love” (Olivia Newton-John Cover) Video

It’s safe to say we knew alt-rock vet Juliana Hatfield’s stance on the election last year. What may have been less than obvious about the…
Sophie Israelsohn | January 22, 2018 - 12:13 pm

Stream Juliana Hatfield Pussycat

Juliana Hatfield's new album Pussycat is raw and politically outspoken. The former Blake Babies frontwoman recorded the entire thing in 12 days as her own…
Peter Helman | April 27, 2017 - 11:46 pm


Juliana Hatfield – “Short-Fingered Man” Video

Juliana Hatfield's upcoming album Pussycat was inspired by our current political climate. While lead single "Impossible Song" addressed "these contentious times" directly and "Wonder Why"
Peter Helman | April 4, 2017 - 11:30 am

Juliana Hatfield – “Wonder Why”

Late last month, Juliana Hatfield announced her new album, Pussycat, which she said came together quickly after seeing the results of the presidential election, and…
James Rettig | March 9, 2017 - 10:24 am

Juliana Hatfield – “Impossible Song”

"What if we tried to get along?" Juliana Hatfield belts on the chorus of "Impossible Song," asking the question as if no one had ever…
Pranav Trewn | March 2, 2017 - 3:46 pm

Juliana Hatfield Announces New Album Pussycat

Juliana Hatfield has announced a new political album called Pussycat. "I wasn't planning on making a record," she says in a press release. But then…
Peter Helman | February 25, 2017 - 10:49 am

Stream New Elliott Smith Covers By Waxahatchee, Jesu/Sun Kil Moon, & More

Everyone loves Elliott Smith, and that includes other musicians. A whole bunch of indie rock heavy-hitters came together to contribute to the new Elliott Smith…
Peter Helman | October 14, 2016 - 9:13 am

Watch Blake Babies Play Their First Show In 15 Years

Blake Babies recently announced that they're releasing a collection of demos for their 1988 debut Earwig, and yesterday, they played the first of two private
Peter Helman | July 10, 2016 - 1:34 pm

Blake Babies Announce Intimate Reunion Shows

Back in March, Blake Babies announced that they would release a collection of demos recorded in 1988 that would later go on to shape their…
Gabriela Tully Claymore | June 28, 2016 - 5:10 pm

Juliana Hatfield Shares Letter From Kurt Cobain That You Can Maybe Even Buy From Her For $20k

Juliana Hatfield has a history of selling off possessions and custom paintings over the years, and today she's written an essay for The Talkhouse in…
James Rettig | May 5, 2016 - 12:05 pm

Blake Babies Crowdfund Earwig Demos Release; Hear “Take Me Take Me”

In 1988, Blake Babies recorded a series of demos in Cambridge, MA that would become their 1989 debut album Earwig. The masters were shelved and…
Gabriela Tully Claymore | March 11, 2016 - 11:44 am

Waxahatchee, Julien Baker, Jesu/Sun Kil Moon Contribute To New Elliott Smith Tribute Album

Earlier this year, we finally got the soundtrack to the 2014 Elliott Smith doc Heaven Adores You, and it looks like interest in the legendary…
James Rettig | March 3, 2016 - 5:18 pm

The I Don’t Cares – “Whole Lotta Nothin” Video

The most famous Replacements video is hardly a video at all. The official clip for Tim anthem "Bastards Of Young" comprises footage of a stereo…
Chris DeVille | February 29, 2016 - 9:53 am
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