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A Look At 15 Artists Up For Their First Grammy

Say what you will about this year's Grammys -- it feels like it's going to be a downer. It's got a slate of performers that…
Nate Patrin | February 10, 2017 - 11:52 am

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Kip Winger Nominated For A Grammy In Classical Category

The Grammys announced their 2017 nominees this morning. One of them happened to be C.F. Kip Winger -- better known as Kip Winger, frontman of…
Peter Helman | December 6, 2016 - 7:26 pm

Hollywood Vampires Tribute Album Features Paul McCartney, Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Dave Grohl, Slash, & Many More

Historically, the Hollywood Vampires hung out on at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on L.A.'s Sunset strip in the early '70s. Alice Cooper was a…
Caitlin White | August 5, 2015 - 1:19 pm