Nassau – “Whatever Brings You Peace Of Mind”

Nassau makes lullabies for grownups. It's not that their lyrics are simplistic -- they're far from it -- it's that there's something so soothing in…
Kim Ilkowski | August 2, 2017 - 10:35 am


Nassau – “Wake The Dead” Video

On a secluded rooftop, distanced from the chaos of New York City, Nassau somberly sits and cautions not to "Wake The Dead" in their newest…
Margaret Farrell | October 13, 2016 - 12:58 pm

Stream Nassau Hoss EP (Stereogum Premiere)

Nassau is the duo of Brooklyn-based songwriters Justin Wilcox and Jeffrey Silverstein. Both were sitting on a bunch of undeveloped material until they came together…
Collin Robinson | June 21, 2016 - 11:34 am