Virgin Fest

Select Clips From Virgin Fest 2007

No regrets choosing Lolla over the Virgin Fest: Karen O dressed to impress, My Morning Jacket got orchestral, and Dennis Rodman gave Pearl Jam a…
Stereogum | August 6, 2007 - 3:03 pm

Stereogum’s Totally Useless Guide To Virgin Fest And Lollapalooza

As you surely remember, due to some Police activity, Lollapalooza and the US Virgin Fest are on the same weekend this year. Alas we had…
Stereogum | August 2, 2007 - 10:08 pm

Festival Showdown: Lollapalooza Vs. US Virgin Fest

Most of you take it upon yourselves to create inter-fest rivalries, pitting lineups and locales against each other, choosing your champion and mounting staunch defense…
Stereogum | March 22, 2007 - 1:07 pm