New Tricky Video – “Council Estate”

Amrit Singh | May 27, 2008 - 9:43 am

No more whispering. There are lots of Tricky quotes floating around regarding the first, markedly sung single from the forthcoming LP. Camp Trick says “Council Estate” is rooted in “twisted Specials-worshipping punk,” while the tricky looking kid himself touches on the cut’s newfound forefront vocal stylings:

It’s the first single I’ve ever done with just me on vocals. I couldn’t whisper that song. I had to come out of myself and do a loud, screaming vocal. I wanted to be a proper frontman on that one.’

The clip’s set within and without the sort of UK public housing that gives it its name, while Tricky toys with the stereotype: “They call you ‘council estate’ / they call you ‘can’t go straight’ / they call you ‘crime rate’ / they call you ‘can’t go straight.'” More sociopolitical sloganeering post-jump.

Moments of those shots of the council estates are sorta “Stress“ful. Knowle West Boy is out 7/8 in the UK and 9/9 in the U.S. via Domino. Stream tracks (and remixes of) album tracks at

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