Play The Wavves Video Game

Last October, Pitchfork reported that Wavves’ Nathan Williams was working on a video game with NYC fashion label/tastemaking outfit Mishka. Then, people sort of forgot about it. But now, it’s out! And it’s based on the NES game Paperboy but filled with characters from the Wavves universe. Oh, and also, you sell weed instead of newspapers, obviously. Play it at Vice. Once you’ve played, let me know: better/worse/easier/harder than the Das Racist game?

Comments (4)
  1. The 16-bit music rocks socks… the rest is too easy and gets boring fast.

  2. For the record: Nothing beats Big Freedia’s Booty Battle.

  3. Well, this is definitely a drug themed, band-created, free-to-play video game that I just played for 3 minutes.

  4. MCR’s game from when I was a freshman in college was actually pretty good, and fucking hard as hell.

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